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AFC 12: A Look Back at This Weekend!

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PIC (by Keith Mills): NICK THOMPSON Ending his fight with MARCEL FERREIRAFt. Lauderdale, FL – AFC’s most recent show raised the bar for East Coast shows with several great fights. The main event between FFA?s Jorge Masvidal and late replacement Joseph Lauzon was a back-and-forth battle that had both fighters trading everything from punches to takedowns to even leg locks en route to a victory for Masvidal that could by no stretch of the imagination be considered as easy as many thought it might. The draw between Argentina?s Diego Lionel Visotzky and Ben Saunders was also a highlight. Even local boy’s Marcel Ferreira‘s loss was spectacular considering the first two rounds where Ferreira was constantly driving for submissions. Add to that Luigi Fioravanti with his takedown defense shutting down Manuel Garcia while scoring on strikes, and Matt Hamilton‘s damaging assualt and the entire show was explosive. Definitely keep an eye out for the DVD of this one. A gallery of shots from this show is posted at

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