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Royler Gracie officially out of ADCC 2005Multiple times BJJ and ADCC World Champion Royler Gracie has officially bowed out of ADCC 2005. In a phone call to head organizer Guy Neivens, Royler told Neivens that he is out of the competition as he is preparing to fight an MMA match on July 3rd in the Heros – K1 event in Japan.When contacted by Kid, Royler stated: ‘Unfortunately I cannot compete in ADCC this year as I am starting my preparation for my MMA fight. ADCC has been tremendously important for my career and the prestige of winning the title 3 times has projected my name internationally and helped me get bigger MMA fights; but it is time to move on and MMA now is my goal. I want to thank Sheik Tahnoon and Guy Neivens for always putting a first class event and for having me compete in it. I also want to thank my fans for their support and to say to them that I am sorry I cannot be there in Long Beach, but I have other projects that need my attention and energy.’ADCC 2005 – A look at the 66- 76KGContinuing with last weeks look at the ADCC categories we now step up to the 66- 76 KG. Tradittionally one of the toughest divisions in the history of ADCC this year’s 66- 76KG is no different with the likes of Marcelo Garcia, Jean Jacques Machado, Renzo Gracie, Cameron Earle and Marcos Avellan, the division is stacked to the rafters. Again a reminder that the rating is based on the most current list of names as per ADCC News; so anyone not offically announced is not going to be considered at this point for the ranking.66 – 76.99 KG#1 Marcelo Garcia 2003 World Champion (Brazil)#2 Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)#3 Cameron Earle North American Qualifier (USA)#4 Martin Lindqvist European Qualifier (Sweden)#5 Shinja Aoki Japanese Qualifier (Japan)#6 Gavin Kulper Australian Qualifier (Australia)#7 Chris Brennan (USA)#8 Pablo Popovitch (USA)#9 Marcos Avellan (USA)#10 Jean Jacques Machado (Brazil)#11 Renzo Gracie (Brazil)#12 Jason Brudvik (Sweden)#13 Jake Shields (USA)#14 Leo Santos (Brazil)#15 Otto Olson (USA)#16 Kaouro Uno (Japan)Kid Peligro’s predicitons:1- Marcelo Garcia – Since exploding on the international scene in ADCC 2003 when he came out of nowhere and won the event, Garcia has won just about every match that he has entered and except for Terere (who beat him twice), no one has defeated Marcelo in his weight category since. Look for Marcelo to take the title once again in a battle in the finals (if the brackets work out) against Jean Jacques Machado2- Renzo Gracie – A two time winner, Renzo has a lot to prove. Having lost in the second round against current Champion Garcia, Renzo wants nothin more than to get his 3rd title at the weight. Should his knee be back to 100% look for him to make a big push for the title. We will have to wait until May 29th but Renzo is mny second pick to win the event3- Leo Santos – Despite not having competed in the main Worlds for the last few years, Santos has recently won the Middle weight Grand Prix in Brazil and came in 3rd in ADCC 2001. Santos with his long legs and great sweeps is always a dangerous man, his progress in the event will depend on a good bracket, but Santos can make a push for Gold4- Darkhorses: Tie Juan Jucao and Cameron Earle – Jucao, the winner of the BRazil trials is a tough tactical competitor that can give anyone fits and win any matc against any of the other 15 fighters in this list. Cameron Earle is a mat wizzard that fights a ‘go for it’ open game and can submit anyone in the bracket as well, his downfall is the lack of tactics. IF they come with their ‘A’ game to Long Beach Arena, look for one of these two or both to be the surprise name this yearThese are my predictions, now I want you to make the call. Email your top predictions to [email protected] and Kid will randomly publish two of the readers predictions along with their info. Then after the event is run, we will have a random drawing of all the entries with the winner getting the 2003 ADCC DVD set sponsored by BJJMart.comFree private class at Brazilian Black Belt CAMP and Picture Gallery – from the promoterThe fourth Brazilian Black Belt CAMP is already scheduled for August 13th. Once again, the BJJ CAMP that is considered the BEST in Brazil by the students will have its fourth edition. The space is limited to only 17 spots. This time the first 8 students to confirm will have a free private class thrown in as a bonus. We are already accepting reservation at The camp is more than BJJ training, it is a complete lifestyle change with boat trips, beach walks, pizza eating challenge and other fun stuff. But the main thing is top Black Belt JJ instruction from World Champions Rodrigo ‘Comprido’, Felipe Costa, Leozinho Vieira & ‘Ratinho’See you at the fourth BJJ CAMP! Check out below the picture Gallery from the 3rd Camp! Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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