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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Prof Helio Gracie in Miami – Carlson Gracie Seminar – Xande Ribeiro’s Website – Shawn William’s New Academy and more

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Grandmaster Helio Gracie in Miami from Gui ValenteGrandmaster Helio Gracie arrived yesterday in Miami at 5:00 AM. After the 8-hour flight from Rio de Janeiro he stopped at Pedro and Gui?s house to have breakfast and headed straight to Gracie Miami. When asked by Pedro if he wanted to stay home and rest after the long trip he replied, ?You guys can stay, I am going to the school right now to check how everything is going.? His Seminar is this Saturday, April 30th at 2PM at Gracie Miami. The 92 year old Grandmaster is expected to leave for Los Angeles early next week to conduct seminars at the Gracie Academy and release his first ever book on May15th. He will be back in Miami on May 23 for the East Coast release of this much anticipated ?Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Master Text?. For more info call 305 354 2060 or go to www.graciemiami.comCarlson Gracie Seminar in Northern CaliforniaGrandmaster Carlson Gracie will be conducting two seminars in Northern California this May. Carlson was the instructor for many of the top NHB fighters in today’s shows and has a huge amount of knowledge. Below is the information:Charles Gracie Academy7340 Mission St., Daly City, CA 94014Date: Monday, May 16, 2005Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PMCost: $60.00 for one day $100.00 for two daysRalph Gracie Academy178 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94103Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2005Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PMCost: $60.00 for one day $100.00 for two daysThere is a limited number of spaces available so call and secure your spot right away. EMail or call [email protected] – (650) 756-7579.Xande Ribeiro WebsiteWorld BJJ Champion and all around great guy Xande Ribeiro has a new website. The address is Check out and find out all about one of the best BJJ fighters todayShawn William’s New DigsRenzo Gracie Black Belt Shawn Williams has moved his school. Besides being much better, the new location is in Hollywood, closer to Shawn’s famous students! The new academy is at:Hollywood Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu1106 N. La Cienga Blvd #103, W. Hollywood, CA 90069310.360.0544 The website will be up soon: Go and check out one Shawn!International Italian Open Championship 2005 – from the promoterDear BJJ Teachers and Competitors,The Italian Assoc. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in collaboration with Vacirca Jiu-Jitsu Training Association is proud to announce the International Italian Open Championship 2005.The championship is open to players of all the Schools and of all Federations. The championship will take place Saturday 11th of June in Varese at ISIS Daverio Gymnasium, and will follow the official rules of the Confedera?ao Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu.On the entry form, participants are asked to choose between ?Debuttanti? (Beginners) and ?Avanzati? (Advanced) players; both categories will then be divided by weight. In the ?Beginners? category only players at their first agonistic experience will be admitted, all the other players are asked to enter the ?Advanced? category. ?Advanced? players are also allowed to enter their weight category and the ?Absolute? (Assoluto) category. Players of this group will fight with no weight, time or score restrictions.For more information: or contact Mr. Fabrizio Manzo at +39 335 8175 111, or fax +39 0332 770 448Sincerely,FRANCO VACIRCACarlos Gracie Jr Seminar – from the promoter Techniques, Rules and talk about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in America. Carlos Gracie Jr. is the son of Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. Carlos Gracie Jr. is the head Master of the school known as Gracie Barra which is responsible for the creation of more than two hundred black belts in Brazil. Carlos Gracie Jr. is the President of the C.B.J.J and the I.F.B.J.J. Carlos Gracie Jr. is responsible for the growth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through out the world today. Don?t miss this great opportunity to train and learn from an elite level Master of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The seminar will be held on Friday April 29, 2005 at 6:00pm, the duration of the seminar will be three hours. The seminar will be held at 2830 N. Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay, Ca 94018. To book your Reservation Please Call Joao Pierini at (650) 270-5018 or email us at [email protected]

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