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Royler waits for an OFFICIAL ADCC 2005 Invite!

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Text by Andr? Ara?jo photo by Levy Ribeiro / Team TATAMEBJJ black belt, 3x ADCC champion at lightweight category and 4x BJJ world champion Royler Gracie has just arrived back in Brazil from seminars in Canada and the United States. However, Gracie has also been thinking about fighting at ADCC and fighting a Vale-Tudo match. ‘After conducting a technical seminar in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, I am on my way to Australia March 29 and when I return, I might fight ADCC. I’ve already talked with friends to apply for me, but I am waiting for an official invitation’ stated Royler Gracie, who has been thinking about retiring from the ring.’It might take three or four years. I still want to do two or three Vale-Tudos before ending my career. But I?m not in a hurry. I will stop on the top. I want to win my last bout. I want to finish my career as I started: fine!’ concluded Royler Gracie, who has an MMA record of four bouts won, lost two and a single draw. Royler added: ‘My family and I have done too much for Jiu-Jitsu and I believe we belong in the history of Jiu-Jitsu. So, I don’t have to prove anything more in Gi competitions. Lots of people challenge me everyday, but they just want a piece of me, of what I’ve conquered’ Gracie declared.’Whatever, I?m waiting for an offical invitation to fight, and I am negotiating for a fight Vale-Tudo in June. I do not have more information about it, it all depends’ he said.

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