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ADCC 2005 – 6th Submission Wrestling World ChampionshipsThe PYRAMID, Long Beach State Campus, Long Beach, CaliforniaSaturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th, 2005‘The regional qualifier series is over with last weekend’s Japanese Trials’ states ADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate. ‘The champions from 2003 are coming back, and the qualifiers account for 5 spots, so this is 6 of the 16 men in each tournament decided. The ADCC committee has issued other invitations, and only a few spots in each weight class remain. This is the first World Championships where the names of the competitors will be revealed in advance. So the next few months leading up to the event should be very exciting.’ reveals the spokesman.’This is also the inaugural Year for Women’s Submission Wrestling, and we have two exciting tournaments. We received an overwhelming amount of interest, and history will be made. The lineup may change, but we are certain that this will be the most impressive display of women’s martial arts ever.’ concludes the spokesman.The initial list of current invitees is revealed below, including the preliminary women’s lineup.ADCC 2005 – 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships – Current LineupU -66 KG Leo Vieira 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Wagney Fabiano Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Javier Vazquez North American Qualifier (USA)Toni Kroger European Qualifier (Finland)Tetsu Suzuki Japanese Qualifier (Japan)Eugene Hynson Australian Qualifier (New Zealand)66 – 76.99 KGMarcelo Garcia 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Juan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Cameron Earle North American Qualifier (USA)Martin Lindqvist European Qualifier (Sweden)Shinja Aoki Japanese Qualifier (Japan)Gavin Kulper Australian Qualifier (Australia)77 – 87.99 KGSaulo Ribeiro 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Demian Maia Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Marcos Avellan North American Qualifier (USA)Marko Helen European Qualifier (Finland)Hidemi Mihara Japanese Qualifier (Japan)Larry Papadopoulos Australian Qualifier (Australia)88 – 98.99 KGJon Olav Einmo 2003 World Champion (NORWAY)Roger Gracie Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Jamal Patterson North American Qualifier (USA)Alistair Overeem European Qualifier (Holland)Yukiya Naito Japanese Qualifier (Japan)Anthony Perosh Australian Qualifier (Australia)Over 99 KG Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz 2003 World Champion (Brazil)Gabriel Napao Brazilian Qualifier (Brazil)Karim Byron North American Qualifier (Canada)Mustafa Al-Turk European Qualifier (UK)Jun Ishii Japanese Qualifier (Japan)Dennis Roberts Australian Qualifier (Australia)SUPERFIGHT:Ricardo Arona CHAMPION (BRAZIL) v. Dean Lister Challenger (USA)LADIES DIVISIONS:Under 60.00 KG (132.00 LB):- Leka Vieira (BRAZIL)- Gazzy Parman (USA)- Leonor Coco (USA)- Kyra Gracie (BRAZIL)- Megumi Fuji (JAPAN)- Leticia Ribeiro (BRAZIL)- Ludmila ‘Mila’ Sundukova (Italy / Russia)- Roxanne Modafferi (USA)- Tara Larosa (USA) – Sari Redzeposki (Australia) Over 60.01 KG (132.01 LB):- Camilla Gielsten (Norway)- Marloes Coenen (Holland) – Juliana Borges (Brazil) – Hannette Stack (Brazil) – Debi Purcell (USA) – Stacey Cartwright (Australia) – Megumi Yabushita (Japan)- Yuki Kondo Kubota (Japan)- Amanda Buckner (USA) – Jessica Ross (USA)GET YOUR TICKETS RIGHT NOW!!!Pyramid Ticket Hotine: 562-985-4949ADCC 2005 2 Day PassOnsale Date: Thursday, March 10th, 2005 10:00 am‘The arena started to sell tickets last Thursday March 10th’ states ADCC spokesman Miguel Iturrate. Right now, the PYRAMID and Long Beach State have tickets availabe on their hotline (562-985-4949) or at the LONG BEACH STATE website.‘The arena sits 4000, and there is not a bad seat in the house. The bottom line is that this really looks like it has a chance at selling out’ concludes the spokesman.Also, check out ADCC Sponsor Dogs of War!Now you can learn from Cesar Gracie any time of the day, from the comfort of your own computer, or anywhere in the world you have PC access! Save hundreds of dollars and enroll in Cesar Gracie’s on line video lessons!There is a new technique this week on the Gracie E Lessons w/Cesar Gracie!! online lessons… Great details and great prices available at the following websites:Dogs of Warwww.GracieFighter.comTruly innovative!Learn the latest techniques coming out of the famous ‘Gracie Fighter’ camp!! Each week Cesar will cover a different technique that is sure to improve your game!If you’re serious about learning the details of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, then these lessons are a MUST! Enroll monthly or sign up for a whole year and save 33%!!!Special Introductory Price: $15/Month……….$120/Year! ! !