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ADCC 2005: 5 Japanese Qualifiers Heading To World Championships!

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Tokyo-to Chuou-ku Sogo GymSunday, March 20th, 2005Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JapanPICTURE: The champions seated in the front row, Tetsu Suzuki, Shinja Aoki, Hidemi Mihara, Yukiya Naito and Jun Ishii with runner ups in the back row.The Champions:UNDER 65.9 KG: Tetsu Suzuki66-76.9 KG: Shinja Aoki77-87.9 KG: Hidemi Mihara88-98.9 KG: Yukiya Naito99 KG +: Jun Ishii‘Our final series of qualifiers are concluded, and we have 5 Champions from Japan heading to Long Beach for the World Championships’ states ADCC spokesman Miguel Iturrate. ‘The Japanese trials are usually the most entertaining, and this year was no different. There is so much competition and MMA in Japan, that fighters cross over to the ADCC rules with a ‘go for it’ attitude and a lot of showmansship and technique. This year, there was a great blend of Judo players, wrestlers and submission experts. It made for a GREAT event!’In the under 65.9 KG Tetsu Suzuki came thru a field of 16 men, defeating the 2003 defending champion along the way.Shinja Aoki also came through a field of 16 men to emerge victorious at 66-76 KG.Perhaps the most entertaining of the divisons was 77-87, where several matches had the crowd in an uproar. Takefumi Hanai would WOW the crowd with a unique style, and 2 lightning quick submissions in the opening rounds. Into the finals he was the favorite, but one mistake cost him, as young Hidemi Mihara took him out with a rear naked choke.Another athlete worth mentioning is rugged Yukika Naito, who had returned from Australia where he fought a DRAW in MMA against ADCC 1999 Absolute Champion Roberto Traven. Returning to Japan this week, he did not expect to compete, but he accepted a spot at the last minute and came thru a very tough field to win the 88-98.9 KG class.In the heavyweights, Jun Ishii repeats as a 2x Japanese Champion, as he came thru his grueling match for his second title.

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