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ADCC 2005 – TAPOUT Aboard As A Sponsor!

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BADDEST BOYS IN TOWN TO SPONSOR ADCC 2005 AWARDS CEREMONY!Check out‘TAPOUT is aboard.’ states ADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate. ‘The ADCC 2005 in Long Beach, California at the end of May is really starting to come together. Of course, one of the important aspects of the entire event is the awards ceremony, where the fighters get their trophies, and TAPOUT will be exclusively providing the trophies for the entire event. This is huge, as there are 6 tourneys, a superfight, plus the first ever set of ladies tourneys, so we are very happy to have TAPOUT taking care of the trophies. TAPOUT will also have a feature table at the event, so all the fans can get their hands on TAPOUT gear first hand at the ADCC 2005! What better way to host the first American ADCC World Chasmpionships competition than to get America’s premiere fight gear company to be a part of the event? Now that is ‘In Ya Face’!’ concludes the spokesman.TICKET PURCHASE INFORMATION:Don’t forget to visit TAPOUT’s website st 2005 – 6th Submission Wrestling World ChampionshipsThe PYRAMID, Long Beach State Campus, Long Beach, CaliforniaSaturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th, 2005Pyramid Ticket Hotine: 562-985-4949ADCC 2005 2 Day PassOnsale Date: Thursday, March 10th, 2005 10:00 am‘The arena started to sell tickets last Thursday March 10th’ states the ADCC spokesman. Right now, the PYRAMID and Long Beach State have tickets availabe on their hotline (562-985-4949) or at the LONG BEACH STATE website.‘Sales went well the first weekend. The arena sits 4000, and there is not a bad seat in the house. We wil lbe announcing several othe locations in California and on the intenet where tickets will be available in the next two weeks.’ concludes the spokesman.

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