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ADCC 2005 – NEW Details and A Rule Defined!

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Since its inception in 1998 ADCC has become known as the greatest venue for some of the best known and unknown fighters in the world to showcase their talents in an equal arena with balanced rules that do not benefit any of the grappling styles. While the ADCC committee and organizers have tried to be fair and equal there have been in the past incidents of alleged ‘fake’ fights. The ADCC committee never condoned anything less than 100% real fights and in most cases were alleged violation to the fair and 100% fight principle has occurred and was proven, the committee has taken appropriate actions to punish the violators including not inviting some of them back to the next competition.The ADCC committee, the organizers of the events, fight fans and the attending public demand that the athletes fight 110% and they will not stand for violations of that charter! This year, the committee is going one step further, in the event a ?fake? fight between two athletes occurs, BOTH FIGHTERS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED and replaced with the ones they beat in the previous round. In addition to both fighters being disqualified, THEIR ENTIRE TEAMS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE EVENT ! ! !Additionally all members of the team will lose their prize money regardless if they were involved in the fight or not. Furthermore the teams, at the ADCC committee?s discretion, may be banned from the next tournament! This will encourage teammates and team leaders to discourage any fighters from not fighting 100%.Regarding the Absolute Division: ‘Only ONE member of each Team will be allowed to compete in the Absolute division!’The committee hopes athletes will have the good sense of doing what they are supposed to do: ‘Fight!’ and the new rule will not have to be enforced and this situation once and for all will be resolved.The ADCC committee requests that representatives of the teams participating in the 2005 ADCC event contact Guy Neivens at [email protected] to present their team leader and discuss in advance, any conflicts they foresee with any of their team members.

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