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Jorge Patino ‘Macaco’ mocks rival Roberto Godoi

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By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAMEThey were as close as brothers, and in fact they were partners of the biggest Jiu-Jitsu team in S?o Paulo, the ‘Godoi – Macaco’ Team. Ever since they broke up over misunderstandings regarding the organization of the team, Jorge Patino ‘Macaco’ and Roberto Godoi have simply started to hate each other?s guts. They not speak to each other and they already fought once in a Jiu-Jitsu bout, with a victory for Patino. A rematch in the rules of MMA has been a major topic of conversation in Brazil, but Patino believes that this fight never will happen: ‘The fight with God?i is only marketing, It?s never gonna happen. The man is asking for R$50.000 (about US$ 20.000) to get into the ring, and the dude only has 3 fights, a victory and two defeats. God?i is using the media to get attention, because nobody speaks about him. It?s been 3 years since his last win. I have 33 fights and 25 victories, and I?m asking for R$20.000 (about US$ 7.000) to go fight, then comes this dude and asks for HUGE value – it is clear he does not want to fight. But I don?t care about God?i, there are many better fighters out there that can give me a better fight than him’.

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