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BJJ and ADCC World Champion Marcio Feitosa has released a new series of instructionals. The new DVD’s features three hours of instructional material from Marcio plus 4 hours of bonus footage. Don’t miss this rare footage to watch Marcio train and prepare for the 2003 Mundials! In it Marcio covers Passing the Guard (Gi), Sweeps (Gi), Side Mount (Gi), Passing the Guard (no Gi), Guard (no Gi) and Counters (no Gi)To get your copy go to www.bjjmart.comHEAD INSTRUCTOR OF GRACIE BARRA – PRODUCER OF THE MOST WORLD CHAMPIONS ANYWHERE!Volume 1 – Guard Passing TechniquesWorld Champion Marcio Feitosa teaches you the fundamentals of guard passing and the theories behind them. Passing and defending the guard is 80% of any grappling game. Here Marcio teaches you the details and secrets of championship guard passing.Volume 2 – Sweep TechniquesWorld Champion Feitosa continues with his teaching of how to sweep an opponent from various positions. You will learn dynamic techniques only known to World Champions and how to execute these sweeps with precision!Volume 3 – Side Mount TechniquesIn this important lesson World Champion Marcio Feitosa teaches you techniques from the side mount. The devastating submissions, chokes, armbars, and methods to control your opponent. This tape is for the serious Jiu-Jitsu and grappling student only!Volume 4 – Guard Passing Techniques – No Gi Only a World Champion can impart the techniques and details of passing the guard. Marcio Feitosa shows why he is one of the best grapplers in the world. Watch how this champion explains these dynamic techniques step-by-step without the Gi.Volume 5 – Guard Techniques – No GiAbu Dhabi Champion and Instructor Marcio Feitosa explains the techniques needed for a No-GI guard. Only grapplers with Jiu-Jitsu training are able to explain to wrestlers and other grapplers the essentials of having a great guard. Watch as Marcio explains submissions from these positions and the techniques that only an Abu Dhabi champion can have.Volume 6 – Counter Techniques – No GiFollow as Marcio explains the counter to moves that will give you the winning edge over your opponent. Learn from the experiences of a World Champion on how to counter some of the most popular techniques used today.The latest edition of this popular series now includes 4 hours of bonus footage including two hours of Marcio teaching and training at Gracie Barra. In addition, you will see Pe de Pano, Carlos Gracie, Jr., Rolls Gracie, Jr. and others training at Gracie Barra. The other two hours shows Marcio and Pe de Pano preparing for the Mundial 2003. This documentary will show their thoughts, tactics, and after-match commentary during the World Championships. Don’t miss this rare footage!

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