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Renzo Gracie: ‘I say Wanderlei was the winner’

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Pretty familiar with the Japanese rings since his match in the very first Pride back on October 11th, 1997, Renzo Gracie spent the last hours of 2004 as cornerman to his brother Ryan Gracie at the Saitama Super Arena. The popular BJJ teacher paid attention to all of the final bouts of Pride Shockwave. With regards to the controversial Wanderlei Silva x Mark Hunt fight, Renzo has an opinion: ‘It was a hard and very even battle, but if I was a judge, I?d choose Wanderlei as the winner.’In Rio de Janeiro during for a vacation, the black belt who lives in New Jersey thought Silva was better during the fight, but Mark Hunt?s size got the Brazilian in rought positions: ‘When mounting, Wanderlei?s knees almost did not reach the floor! And Mark was very quick, avoiding the stomping kicks by Wanderlei to the face,’ said Gracie, who had compliments for Hunt?s style. ‘He is very smart and hes has good instincts, like a street fighter. A street fighter weighting 280 pounds!’

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