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The year of 2004 will always be remembered by Ronaldo Jacare as one of the best so far of his young career. The BJJ black belt won the Pan-Americans in California, the Brazilian Championships and he became the new absolute category BJJ world champion in July. Chosen by GRACIE Magazine as the fighter of the year, he is fully recovered from his elbow injury and training to for a repeat in 2005. ‘Last year was great, with a lot of victories. Now I want to fight in 2005 as much as I can, including the Black Belt middleweight Grand Prix, the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship and some MMA tournaments such as Jungle Fight’ says the BJJ world champion. At the European Championships, scheduled to take place on January 28th and 29th, in Portugal, Ronaldo might face Roger Gracie, who defeated him in 2002 during the brown belt final and he avenged at at this year’s 2004 BJJ World Championship absolute category final. ‘We need to resolve who is going to be up 2-1’ says Ronaldo. Asked about who else he would like to face, the Brasa athlete prefers not to name anyone. ‘I want the best. I need to be victorious, even when I lose. I need to be happy no matter what happens.’ states Jacare. Ronaldo Jacare celebrates his website release as well. At first it will be in Portuguese and soon in English. Accessing you will be able to see his passions, the way he likes to get ready for competitions other details about this remarkable athlete.

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