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Deadline for BTT Camp 2005 – JAN 10th

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Hi everybody, We received hundreds of e-mails requesting information and reservations to our BTT Camp. We are very happy that we can open our academy to people from all around the world. That’s our goal. Spread the art, bringing participants to Rio de Janeiro to follow our training routine and of course giving extra special classes for you. All of this in our wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro. In addition, we are offering many cultural activities like sightsseings, beachs, malls and night life. Camp will be one week before Brazilian Carnaval and the city will be full of people from foreigners and tourist from other parts of Brazil. And also social activities as a class at a real ‘favela’, Rocinha Project. It’s completely safe and you will have a chance to see how BJJ can change lifes. Please visit Besides that, our package includes 2 daily training sessions under supervision of Murilo Bustamante, Ze Mario Spery, Bebeo Duarte and Toco Albuquerque. You’ll also have a chance to roll with so many BJJ Black Belts and high belts that are expecting you to teach our soft art. We’ll be training hard because Vitor Belfort is very focused in his training to face Tito Ortiz in UFC in his return to BTT. We organized everything to run perfect. To assure it, we have to close revervation a few days before the 1st Camp day. We still have a few spots available. So deadline for 2nd BTT Camp will be January 10th , 2005 . All e-mails received until this date will be processed. After that, we won’t be able to accept. Ckeck our website and please spend a few minutes reading some testimonials from 1st Camp participants and also Bustamante’s testimonial. If you can make our reservation through our website, please e-mail us and we’ll promptly send you an enrollment form. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity. Hope to see you soon here in Rio de Janeiro.

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