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CHECK OUT THIS HOT NEW ITEM AT!!!The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling 101 Submissions is now available. 101 submissions Chapter 2 features many of the top grapplers in the world showing you their best setups and submissions. Some of the athletes showcasing their skills on this DVD include:- Marcos Avellan Nino SchembriJoe Lauzon Javier VazquezJeff Glover Eddie BravoSaulo Ribiero Mike FowlerThiago Alves BJ Penn101 Submissions Chapter 2 includes new features not previously seen on other ‘On The Mat releases’. A new feature incorporated into this sequel includes submissions broken down into categories, which consist of: arm attacks, chokes, leg attacks, triangles, and other attacks.

This video is a great learning tool for anyone beginning their submission training or advanced grapplers looking to add new tools to their game. A bonus item included on this release features Ralek Gracie making his Hip Hop debut as rapper Rio Life. 101 Submissions Chapter 2 includes over 1 year of competition footage from around the world compressed into 138 minutes on intense action from the greatest events in the world. Order your copy of 101 Submissions Chapter 2 by visiting

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