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This is the sixth season of activity ofthe ADCC (Abu Dhabi Championship) Submission Fighting and Shooto MMAnational committee in Italy, a full events calendar all across thecountry: the ADCC Italy Open, the Shooto Italy Open, the MMA InternationalFighting Challenge, 20 competitions all across the nation, the ‘Shooto ItalyContenders’ circuit to find and select new MMA fighters to representItaly in international MMA events, ADCC and Shooto nationalchampionships…..fighting to be the best in our professional events under theprestigious international patronage of ADCC and SHOOTO!

The season started great with the prestigious international competitionpromoted by ADCC/Shooto MMA Italy and organized in collaboration with WTKAInternational at the CARRAFIERE Sport Hall in Tuscany in the ambit of the WTKAInternational Martial Marathon: more than 30.000 cover squaremetres, four days marathon of competitions and seminars, more than 5.000competitors from all over the world, 80 competition areas (rings, MMA cageand mats-tatami), 30.000 visitors, the Oriental Expo (culture and traditionfrom China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Tibet).

This international Submission Fighting and MMA event slowly grown up throughthe years and this edition was another great success: over 200 fighters reachedthe competition showing amazing technical level; on Saturday the MMA event andon Sunday the Submission Fighting tournament, two exciting days with hundredsof people following the competitions and fighters from 45 teams coming fromArgentina, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany,Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela and Wales…..perfect refereeing and great fairplay of fighters and coaches, great exposure through national magazines and TVreaching the event, pride and heart for fighters who competed for theprestigious titles and for the money prize.

After this great competition and some regional competitions during winter, the nextevent promoted by ADCC Italy, in collaboration with the group ‘Born To Fight’,will be on Sunday 19 February 2012:the 8° ADCC ITALY OPEN; theSubmission Fighting international competition will be hosted inside the Semi& Light Contact Kickboxing European Cup 2012 in Castelletto Ticino(very close to international Milano Malpensa Airport).

The competition is open to all fighters coming from any Country, Federation,Teams or Clubs and also to freelance fighters.

MONEY PRIZE: 1.400 Euro

REGISTRATION: date limit is Saturday 18February 2012

All info to reach the event and to register fighters in the competition are inthe web-page:

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