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ADCC Worlds is set to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 29–30th August, 2015. With the event less than four weeks away and with the release of most names by the ADCC Committee, this is a great time to handicap the divisions.

We continue with the U77KG division where the current Champion Kron Gracie is not returning to defend his title. Below is the latest list of competitors for that division

Male -77 kg

  1. Gamrot Mateusz – Poland (1st European Trials Winner)
  2. Abdulkadirov Magomed – Russia (2nd European Trials Winner)
  3. Lachlan Giles – Australia (1st Asia & Oceania Trials Winner)
  4. Young-am Noh – Korea (2nd Asia & Oceania Trials Winner)
  5. Enrico Cocco – USA (1st North American Trials Winner)
  6. Vagner Rocha – USA (2nd North American Trials Winner)
  7. Davi Ramos – Brazil (1st South American Trials Winner)
  8. Gabriel Rollo – Brazil (2nd South American Trials Winner)
  9. JT Torres – USA (Invited)
10. Garry Tonon – USA (Invited)
11. Otavio Sousa – Brazil (Invited)
12. Lucas Lepri – Brazil (Invited)
13. Ben Henderson – USA (Invited)
14. Dillon Danis – USA (Invited)

Analysis without order of favorites:

Champion Kron Gracie is now pursuing an MMA career, he is not returning to defend his title, his absence along with perennial winner Marcelo Garcia's (who didn't compete in '13) absence makes this a wide open field.  In my view the favorites are JT Torres, Otavio Souza Lucas Lepri and Garry Tonon. All four have experienced ADCC before so strategy and lack of knowledge won't be a factor JT ended up 3rd in '13 losing in the semi's to Kron, his game is pretty complete with standup,ground and a host of leg locks. His recent performances in JJ and Grappling competitions show he is ready to challenge for the title.. Otavio Souza came in second in '13 losing the finals to Kron. He is another top contender with experience and a game that is perfect for ADCC.

Lucas Lepri lost in '13 to JT Torres but he has been on a tear recently. His form has never been better and Lucas seemed to hit another gear at the 2015 Worlds sharing the final podium with teammate Michael Langhi. Garry Tonon lost a second round match to Kron by submission despite being ahead on points with seconds to go. His experience losing like that should really help him this time around. In my view, his one weakness is what makes him so dangerous, the fact that Garry goes of submission and to finish matches rather than secure and maintain points for the win. That makes him one of the most exciting fighters to watch but it can be an Achilles Heel at a competition like ADCC.

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