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ADCC Worlds event takes place this weekend, August 29 & 30 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Final analysis focus on the Superfights

ADCC Stars Superfight

      Mário Sperry (Brazil) vs. Ricardo Liborio (Brazil)

ADCC Main Superfight

      André Galvão (Brazil) vs. Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu (Brazil)


The Stars Superfight pits two of the best from Carlson Gracie team, Ze Mario Sperry and Ricardo Liborio. Both are legends in BJJ and considered tops in their categories. Sperry won ADCC weight and Absolute in '98 and went on to win the first Superfight the next two years against Enson Inoue and Roberto Traven, and Stars Superfights against Renzo Gracie and Fabio Gurgel.

Liborio got third place in '99 and second place in 2000 but with very strong performances. Both are very capable of winning with Liborio being the more dangerous of the two, however, in my opinion, Sperry has the advantage of size and he has competed more recently while Liborio has been away from competition mats for quite some time. Competition timing and shape may come in to factor giving the edge to Sperry

In the main Superfight defending Superfight Champion Andre Galvao faces defending Absolute Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. This is a very intriguing match for me. Galvao is the only person to have won a Superfight by submission and is highly motivated to create history yet once again. He has an aggressive style that creates a lot of problems for his opponents. "Cyborg" is a monster on the mats also with an aggressive style and strength and flexibility usually not seen on a fighter his size. This is a very hard fight to predict as both have plenty of ADCC experience and are in top shape, the only prediction I can make is that this should be the most exciting ADCC Superfight ever.

On to ADCC !!!

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