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Worlds 2014 Sunday Results

Just about one year ago she had a serious hamstring injury that requred surgery, now she comes back to win the wieight and the absolute! Bia Mesquita completes the cycle and fulfills her dream, World Absolute Champion! Marcus Buchecha scures his third consecutive Absolute title tying Roger Gracie as the only two men to win the title 3 times. Buchecha also won his weight division proving he is the number 1 BJJ competitor in the World! Congratulations to all!

Some live results from the final day of the 2014 Worlds. Check regularly to get the latest updates

Rooster Semifinals:

Bruno Malfacine v Jorge Santisteva – Bruno by team decision

Joao Miyao v Ivaniel Cavalcante – Miyao by advantages


Miyao v Malfacine – Malfacine by referee’s decision

Quarter Finals Black Belt Male Adult


Gabriel Moraes v Thomas Lisboa – Moraes by points

Laercio Fernandes v Carlos Esquisito – Esquisito by Adv

Gui Mendes v Ichiro Kaneko – Mendes by choke from the back

Paulo MIyao v Dai Yoshioka – Paulo Miyao by points


Gui Mendes v Carlos Esquisito Holanda – Mendes by points

Gabriel Moraes v Paulo Miyao – Paulo Miyao by choke


Gui Mendes v Paulo Miyao – Gui by advantages


Rafael Mendes v Gianni Gripo – Rafa by choke from the back

Rubens Cobrinha v Italo Albuquerque – Cobrinha by arm-lock

Mario Reis v Denilson Pimenta – Reis by advantage

Leonardo Sagioro v Isaque Paiva – Paiva by referee decision


Rafael Mendes v Mario Reis – Mendes by choke

Rubens Cobrinha v Isaque Paiva -Cobrinha by points


Rafa Mendes v Rubens Cobrinha – Rafa by points


Quarter finals

Michael Langhi v Philippe De La Monica – Langhi by submission triangle

JT Torres v Joao Silva – Torres by referees dec

Lucas Lepri v Rodrigo de Freitas- Lepri by points

Celso Venicius v Roberto Satoshi – Satoshi  by points


Langhi v JT – JT by advantages

Lepri v Satoshi – Lepri by points


JT Torres v Lucas Lepri – Lepri by points


Otavio Souza v Vitor Silveira – Souza by points

Alan Finfou Nascimento v Jaime Canuto – Alan Finfou by points

Leandro Lo v Victor Santos – Lo by advantages

Vitor Estima v Claudio Calasans – Vitor advances by ref decision


Otavio Souza v Alan Finfou – Souza by submission arm-lock

Leandro Lo v Vitor Estima – Lo by points


Souza v Lo – Lo by points

Middle Heavy

Romulo Barral V Abmar Barbosa – Barral by Kimura

Guto Campos v Renato Barroso – Campos by points

Braulio Estima v Thiago Silva – Braulio by choke

Diego Nogueira v Murilo Santana – Murilo by armbar


Barral v Campos – Barral, Campos DQ for knee reap

Estima v Santana – Estima by points


Barral v Estima – Estima by gentleman’s agreement (teammates)


Jackson Souza v Rafael Lovato Jr – Lovato Jr

Andre Galvao v Luis Panza – Galvao by submission

Felipe Pena v Nivaldo Lima – Pena by arm-lock

Dimitrius Souza v Lucas Leite – Souza by advantages


Andre Galvao v Rafael Lovato Jr – Galvao by points

Felipe Pena v Dimitrius Souza – Pena by choke


Andre Galvao v Felipe Pena – Pena by points


Leo Nogueira v Paulo Jardim – Leo by points

Rodolfo Vieira v James Puopolo – Vieira by submission choke

Yuri Simoes v Gustavo Pires – Simoes 3 x 2

Bernardo Faria v Igor Silva – Faria by submission choke from hte back


Vieira v Leo Nogueira – Vieira by submission head and arm choke

Bernardo Faria v Yuri Simoes – Faria by points


Rodolfo Vieira v Bernardo Faria – Vieira by arm-lock


Ricardo Evangelista v Mario Barbosa – Evangelista by points

Helton Lima v Marcus Buchecha Buchecha by arm-lock

Thiago Gaia v Rodrigo Cavaca – Gaia by referees decision

Abraham Messina v Alexander Tran – Tran by points


Marcus Buchecha v Ricardo Evangelista – Buchecha by choke from the back

Thiago Gaia v Alexander Tran – Tran by gentlemaen decision


Marcus Buchecha v Alexander Tran – Buchecha by choke from the back
Ladies finals:

Rooster: Shiho Yaginums x Marcela Lawton – Shiho by referee’s decision

Light feather: Ariadne Oliveira x Gezary Kubis – Gezary by points

Feather: Michelle Nicolini x Tammi Musumeci – Nicolini by points – one of the great fights of the event

Light: Bia Mesquita x Luiza Monteiro – Mesquita by points

Medium: Vanessa Oliveira x Janni Larsson – Larsson by advantage

Medium- heavy: Hannette Staack x Ana Laura Cordeiro – Ana Laura by advantage

Heavy: Andressa Correa v Fernanda Mazzelli – Andressa by advantages

Super-heavy: Andrea Pereira x Venla Luukkonen – Venla by arm-lock

Absolute: Bia Mesquita x Michelle Nicolini – Mesquita by points




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