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With the slight break in the tournament schedule after the European, top fighters and instructors are moving around the Globe. Atos Andre Galvao was in Poland and other Euro Countries, Claudio Calasans went from Portugal to the UK and Spain. Fernando Augusto "Terere" went from the Uk to Italy. Alexandre Ribeiro is in Tahiti while stateside Royler Gracie is touring Hawaii. Look for all that to come to an end soon as fighters and coaches put their focus on the upcoming Pan 2013 coming in March.

Michigan Open 2013

The Michigan Open 2013 goes down April 20, 2013 and the registration page is now even better. The upgrades include:
  • By clicking at the Competitor list  top menu you can see the list of all competitors
  • By clicking on the Bracket menu you will also be able to see your matches 
  • Another feature is the Schools List, where you can see yours and all the others schools that will participate in the tournament. 

Our goal for every year is to make it an even better event than the last! As always we will run the double elimination format that we are known for in order to give each competitor the guarantee minimum of two matches.

To register click here: MO No GI 2013


This competition will be free. You only be required to pay the United States Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (USFBJJ) annual subscription fee. The cost for your membership is $45.00 and for that you will receive a membership card and a USFBJJ patch.
Once a member of the USFBJJ, the athlete will get 10% discount off of future competitions hosted by the Federation and on Vulkan products. Members will also be continually updated with all USFBJJ's news.
All the athletes that compete must follow all rues and regulations estabished by USFBJJ, that will be posted on the wbsite htpp:// or
If the athlete wants to compete in 2 divisions or categories, you must pay an extra $20.00 fee. Ony the Absolut division will exclude you from having to pay the extra fee.

Kid Peligro
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