Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . All Systems Ready for ADCC 2017 + Schedule

ADCC Arena: Photo Mikko Rouvali

All systems are ready for ADCC 2017. The vent takes place on September 23 & 24 at the Espoo Metro Arena in Finland. The event will be webcast live on

Schedule of divisions etc is below. Please note and be sure to tune in on the right time for your location.

First rounds:
+99kg , -99kg , -88kg , -77kg , -66kg ,+60kg , -60kg

Second Round
+99kg , -99kg , -88kg
-77kg , -66kg

*Superfight Andre Galvao vs Claudio Calasans

Semi Finals:
+99kg , -99kg , -88kg , -77kg , -66kg , +60kg , -60kg

+99kg , -99kg, -88kg, -77kg, -66kg, +60kg

Superfight Renzo Gracie vs Sanae Kikuta

-60kg, +60kg, -66kg, -77kg, -88kg
-99kg, +99kg

*Absolute Weight Classes

*10min break before 3rd place fights

*Superfight Leonardo Vieira vs Chael Sonnen

*Absolute Final