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ADCC 2017 takes place on September 23 & 24, at the Espoo Arena in Finland. The event will be webcast live by Continuing with our ADCC 2017 handicap we now look at the Under 99 KG division.


  1. Roman Dolidze (Georgia) – 1st Asian Trial winner
  2. Kamil Uminski (Poland) – 1st European Trial winner
  3. Eliot Kelly (USA) – 1st North American Trial winner
  4. Mahamed Aly (Brazil) – 1st South American Trial winner
  5. Salomao Ribeiro (Brazil) – 2nd South American Trial winner
  6. Yukiyasu Ozawa (Japan) – 2nd Asian Trial winner
  7. Paul Ardila (USA) – 2nd North American Trial winner
  8. Abdurakhman Bilarov (Russia) – 2nd European Trial winner
  9. Yuri Simoes  (Brazil) – Moved from -88kg
  10. Luiz Panza (Brazil) – Moved from +99kg
  11. Rafael Lovato Jr. (USA) – Invited
  12. Felipe Pena (Brazil) – Invited
  13. Joao Assis (Brazil) – Invited
  14. Jake Shields (USA) – Invited
  15. Mike Perez (USA) – Invited
  16. Jeff Monson (USA) – Invited

This is another ultra competitive division, with names like returning champion U88KG Yuri Simoes, Luis Panza, Felipe Pena, former champion Joao Assis and Rafael Lovato Jr topping the list of favorites. Simoes returns and went up a weight division so it will be interesting to see if the power will be there when he faces the other competitors. Panza has a very strong foot and leg lock game and that is always a plus on ADCC. Pena is a young competitor with lots of talent and experience in ADCC taking second in the last edition. Assis has the background after winning a title and getting a 3rd in the last edition as well. Lovato Jr has been concentrating in MMA and generally that affects the timing and speed for submission grappling, that being said Lovato is a force and has the game and experience to make it to the top

Again bracketing will affect the end results but I have Simoes, Pena and Assis as my favorites to be in the finals


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