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ADCC 2017 was one of the best and most organized events in ADCC history. Starting with the arena and the public and the attention to detail and flograppling webcast, ADCC exceeded all organizational expectations. Huge congratulations go to all involved in that part of the event.

That being said, the event wouldn’t have been great without the competitors and the matches. There were so may great matches it is hard to single out one. Top performers in my view were in the 66KG Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, winning his 3rd ADCC with a stellar performance. In the 77KG JT Torres finally provided us with a performance we knew he was capable of taking the gold. 88 KG champion Gordon Ryan proved that the hype is well deserved, he had an excellent event with many submissions only to fall to Felipe Pena in the Absolute final. Yuri Simoes repeated as champion, this time at a different division accomplishing something few have done. Marcus “Buchecha” winning the Over 99KG again repeating as champion.

Absolute champion Felipe Pena had a great event taking silver in his division and the absolute setting up a match with Andre Galvao for 2019 superfight

Bia Mesquita fulfilled her dream of becoming ADCC champion with a stellar performance; 3 fights = 3 submission wins. Gabi Garcia returned to the top of the podium once again.

Andre Galvao broke ADCC records by winning the superfight 3 consecutive events and having a combined 5 titles. His performances at the superfights have been nothing short of dominant and this was no different. Chael Sonnen used a perfect strategy to frustrate and control the usually dynamic Leo Vieira and win his superfight and Renzo Gracie proved yet once again that not only he is a champion but also one of the most charismatic fighters on the planet winning his superfight at 50 years young

Also of note is the success of the ADCC trial system which gives unknowns for all over the World a chance to compete in the main event. Notable trials success include of course current superfight champion Galvao, former champions Marcelo Garcia, Ricardo Arona, and many more. This year standout from the trials was Craig Jones, who upset one of the favorites, Leandro Lo in the first round by submission and Murilo Santana in the next round. Also of note is the invitees, with J Torres, Gordon Ryan, Felipe Pena and “Buchecha” winning divisions

Now the dust is settled all we can do is watch the matches over and over and wait till 2019!


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