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ADCC 2017 takes place on September 23 & 24 at the Espoo Metro Arena in Finland. The event is the most prestigious grappling event on the planet and top competitors vie for the glory and prize money. We are going to look at every division and analyze the possibilities

We begin with U66 KG


  1. Rubens Charles (Brazil) – ADCC 2015 winner
  2. Uranov Zhakshylyk (Kyrgyzstan) – 1st Asian Trial winner
  3. Janusz Andrejczuk (Poland) – 1st European Trial winner
  4. Justin Rader (USA) – 1st North American Trial winner
  5. Pablo Mantovani (Brazil) – 1st South American Trial winner
  6. Paulo Miyao (Brazil) – 2nd South American Trial winner
  7. Yuta Shimada (Japan) – 2nd Asian Trial winner
  8. Ethan Crelinsten (USA) – 2nd North American Trial winner
  9. Kuba Witkowski (Poland) – 2nd European Trial winner
  10. Bruno Frazatto (Brazil) – Invited
  11. Geovanny Martinez (USA) – Invited
  12. Eddie Cummings (USA) – Invited
  13. Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes (Brazil) – Invited
  14. AJ Agazarm (USA) – Invited
  15. Baret Yoshida (USA) – Invited
  16. Marcio Andre (Brazil) – Invited

The U66 division has the return of defending champion Rubens “Cobrinha” and in my opinion he is the favorite. Cobrinha has the experience and the technique and desire to repeat as champion for his third title. Major opponents are Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes, who has a strong game and has had success against Cobrinha along with Bruno Frazatto and Justin Rader. Depending on the bracketing I see Cobrinha and Mendes finals.

Interesting to watch how Janusz Andrejcuzuk from Poland, Marcio Andre and the USA duo Geovanny Martinez and Eddie Cummings fare at this top level competition

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