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ADCC 2017 takes place on September 23 & 24, at the Espoo Arena in Finland. The event will be webcast live by Continuing with our ADCC 2017 handicap we now look at the over 99 KG division.


  1. Orlando Sanchez (USA) – ADCC 2015 winner
  2. Arman Zhanpeisov (Kazakhstan) – Second Place on 1st Asia Trial
  3. Khamzat Stambulov (Russia) – 1st European Trial winner
  4. Tom DeBlass (USA) – 1st North American Trial winner
  5. Victor Honório (Brazil) – 1st South American Trial winner
  6. Hideki Sekine (Japan) – 2nd Asian Trial winner
  7. Casey Hellenberg (USA) – 2nd North American Trial winner
  8. Abdulaev Ruslan (Russia) – 2nd European Trial winner
  9. Vinny Magalhaes (Brazil) – Invited
  10. Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” (Brazil) – Invited
  11. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Brazil) – Invited
  12. Jared Dopp (USA) – Invited
  13. Tim Spriggs (USA) – Invited
  14. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen (Finland) – Invited
  15. Bruno Bastos (Brazil) – Invited
  16. Jesseray Childrey (USA) – Invited

The over 99KG division is also super strong, with returning champion Orlando Sanchez, former champions Vinny Magalhaes, Marcus “Buchecha” and Roberto “Cyborg” names standing out. Sanchez won in 2015 without scoring a single point, his is s shutdown game that is very difficult to crack, he faced Vinny in the semis in Brazil and came out on top. Although the competition in 2015 was strong, this time around Sanchez will face a much stronger group of super active and fast fighters like “Buchecha” and “Cyborg” that will make his task of shutting down much more difficult.

“Buchecha” is the 5 time World Absolute champion and after his loss by submission to Roger Gracie in Rio has found new fire and has been competing with a vengeance. “Cyborg”, the 2013 ADCC Absolute champion was defeated by large margin of points (for ADCC superfights) by Andre Galvao in the 2015 and is out to prove something yet once again.

Again bracketing will be the key for deciding who is in the final, should two favorites meet earlier in the tournament, my opinion is that “Buchecha” faces either Sanchez or ‘Cyborg” in the finals


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