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ADCC Brazil website announced that Rousimar "Touquinho" Palhares is confirmed for the 2013 ADCC main event. "Touquinho" was a standout in ADCC 2011 securing Silver only losing to weight and Absolute Champion Andre Galvao. Along the way the effervescent Rousimar submitted his opponent's with his devastating ankle and foot locks. Rousimar joins an elite list of qualifiers including current champions and Regional Championship winners (official qualifiers only) . The question remains which weight category he will end up in as he had problems making the 88KG category in England

Below are the expected athletes for 2013


Andre Galvao (2011 Absolute Champion)  v Braulio Estima (2011 Superfight Champion)

Master Superfight:

Ze Mario Sperry (2011 Master Superfight Champion) v Fabio Gurgel


– 60kg: Kyra Gracie (2011 Champion)

+ 60kg: Gabi Garcia (2011 Champion)


– 66kg:

1- Rafael Mendes (2011 Champion)

2- Darson Hemmings (NA Championship West Winner)


– 77kg:

1-Marcelo Garcia (2011 Champion)

2- AJ Agazarm (NA Championship West Winner)


– 88kg:

1-Rousimar Toquinho (2011 Runner-up)

2- Keen Cornelius (NA Championship West Winner)


– 99kg:

1-Dean Lister (2011 Champion)

2- Adam Sachnoff (NA Championship West Winner)


+ 99kg:

1- Vinny Magalhaes (2011 Champion)

2- Jared Dopp (NA Championship West Winner)

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