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Rubens Charles Maciel AKA "Cobrinha" is a name that needs no introduction. The multiple times BJJ World champion and World No Gi BJJ Champion is a bona fide superstar in our sport, his dynamic and aggressive style has graced the mats for many years now, yet one title that has eluded "Cobrinha" is the ADCC World title. Now with the event just four weeks away "Cobrinha" is in full stride training as hard as ever to reach his goal of ADCC Gold. We caught up with "Cobrinha" to see what's up.
KP- How is your training for ADCC?
RCC- I've been doing a very different training than in the past for this ADCC
KP- What are your expectations for this event and what do you expect from your opponents
RCC- The expectations are the best because I have been training all the fundamentals in order to have good tournament. I expect my opponents will all be very well prepared as well this way we can put on a Jiu-Jitsu show  A
KP- Are you preparing for anyone in special?
RCC- ADCC is a high level tournament. There is no way to think and focus in one single opponent, I have to be ready for all of them. This is the best way for me to respect my opponents and train all the fundamentals so there are no surprises along the way
KP- How is your camp?
RCC- My camp has been great, as I said before I am doing a completely different training camp. Completely different from the previous years and to what I am accustomed to doing. I am feeling really good and I can't wait to step on the mat and compete
KP-  What can your fans expect from you them?
RCC- They can expect to have a very aggressive Cobrinha and as I usually do, always looking for the submissions. I am the type of athlete that trains all the fundamentals so that I can be ready to compete and to test myself and my  training methods. That means I am always looking to see who is better prepared and not the ones who have the best strategy. Of course everyone has to come to the mat with all their weapons. In the end we have to respect the limits of others. But this is the way I like to fight, resting myself the entire time


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