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ADCC North America announces new board of directors and focus

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After one of the best world championships in ADCC history last year in England, the ADCC World Federation, announces a new board of directors, to help search for talent in North America to one day compete in the ADCC world stage. 

A recent formation was made to represent North America and the United States. One of the ADCC’s head referee’s and longtime representative, Peter Baltaliyski, will now be president of both the US and North American Federation. Peter will be joined by Mike Davis, who will be Chief Operating Officer as well as Executive officer Carlos Carvalho. Together, with Canadian & North American Board Director, Riccardo Ammendolia, the newly formed ADCC North America looks to not only run ADCC Qualifying competitions, but open tournaments throughout the United States and Canada.

The Open competitions are something that occur all over the world, and the newly formed North American Federation, looks to repeat this structure here in the US and Canada. Allowing Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced submission fighters the opportunity to compete in tournaments using the ADCC format, in preparation for the ADCC’s main stage, the World Championship.

In both the USA and Canada, there will be open tournaments each year. Also, each year there will be the North American Championships (formerly referred to as the trials) which will be the qualifying competition to allow athletes from these countries to compete for a chance at ADCC Glory.

Past winners have included Jeff Glover, Enrico Cocco, Penny Thomas, Vagner Rocha, Mark Ramos, Mario Rinaldi, and more.

The upcoming North American championships will be held in San Diego, this October. This is open to grapplers and submission fighters with 3 years and above experience only.

With a new structure and focus in North America, ADCC will continue to grow and help submission fighters to be a part of the most recognized tournament series in the world. If you live in the United States or Canada, and have ever dreamed of competing in the ADCC World Championships, your first chance is October. Stay Tuned for Website Launch and more info.

Peter Baltaliyski, — President
Mike Davis — Chief Operating Officer
Carlos Carvalho — Executive Officer

Peter Baltaliyski, — President
Mike Davis– Chief Operating Officer
Carlos Carvalho — Executive Officer
Ricardo Ammendolia — Board Director
Marko Leisten — ADCC North America Coordinator

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