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ADCC Germany Tsujigiri Superfights 2017 – Results


ADCC Germany Tsujigiri Superfights 2017 – Results

Organized By: ADCC Germany

FIBO Expo, Messeplatz, Cologne, Germany


On this special opportunity ADCC was presented at the World’s biggest Fitness Expo in Cologne with 6 Superfights of german Grapplers.

Here are the results:

  • -76,9 kg: Luca Jatzek (Integra Fight) wins over Markus Held (German Top Team) after 4:20 Minutes by Submission via Armbar
  • -76,9 kg: Jan Björn Gromann (Budokeller Bonlanden) wins over Lukasz Zielonka (Fighter Emstek) after 7:11 Minutes by Submission via Anklelock
  • -87,9 kg: Florian Krause (Lutarilla Fight Team) wins over Mustafa Yilmaz (Pantera Fighter Osnabrück) by Points 3:0
  • -87,9 kg: Norman Gaucho (Pantera Fighter Osnabrück) wins over Wadim Werner (Fighter Emstek) after 6:49 Minutes by Submission via Ude-Garami
  • -87,9 kg: Jan Zander (Fight Fusion Regensburg) wins over Alexander Aust (Integra Fight) after 5:39 Minutes by Submission via Kimura
  • Women +60 kg: Hannah Rauch (Fight Fusion Regensburg) wins over Judith Ruis (Budokeller Bonlanden) by points 12:0
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