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ADCC 2015 is going down right now live at Some of the semifinals are being decided right now:

Stars Superfight

Ze Mario Sperry v Ricardo Liborio – Liborio by Ref Decision 2 OT



Over 99KG

Vinny Magalhaes v Orlando Sanchez

Jared Dopp v Joao Gabriel



Xande Ribeiro v Rodolfo Vieira

Joao Assis v Felipe Pena



Romulo Barral v Yuri Simoes

Keenan Cornelius v Rustav Chsiev



Octavio Souza v Lucas Lepri

Gilbert Burns v Davi Ramos



Rubens "Cobrinha v Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes

Bruno Frazzato v Geovanny Martinez


Ladies Over 60 KG

Gabi Garcia v Jessica Oliveira

Ana Laura Cordeiro v Amanda Santana



Michelle Nicolini v Tammi Musumeci

Bia Mesquita v Mackenzie Dern


Analysis of the top matches:

U66KG: Cobrinha and "Tanquinho" advanced in the ir brackets sticking to their game, technicala nd tight. Augusto defeated the dangerous Ed Cummings with tightness in his passing and avoiding exposing his legs and feet for submissions. Jeff Glover and Geo Martinez was a great match with both exchanging attacks and submission attempts. Glover escaped a twister and transitioned right into a triangle on Geo. Geo defended well and after sometime was able to stand up and slam Glover on his back. That appeared to stun Jeff, he actually appeared to be out for a little while. From that point on it was GEo to the win. Frazatto advanced on his side of the bracket over both opponents to face Geo

U77KG: Another tough match was Lucas Lepri agains the dangerous Gary Tonnon. Again Lepri used the tighness and control to deny Tonnon any chance for a submission. Octavio Souza, Gilbert Burns and Davi Ramos advanced to the semis

U88KG: Romulo Barral proved he is in great form by submitting his two opponents on the way to the semifinals where he will face Yuri Simoes. Keenan Cornelius advanced over Claudio Calasans while Rustam Chsiev beat Lovato Jr by refs decision

U99KG: Rodolfo Vieira submitted his two opponents to reach teh finals where he will face Xande Ribeiro. Ribeiro won a decision over Hector Lombardo to reach the semis. On teh other side of the bracket defending champion Joao Assis and Felipe Pena advanced to the semis

Over99KG: Orlando Sanchez beat Dean Lister to reach the semis where he will face Vinny Magalhaes. Vinny submitted his opponents on his way to the semis. Jared Dropp and Joao Gabriel completed the other side of the bracket

Ladies U66KG saw all the stars advance with Michelle Nicolini, Bia Mesquita, Mackenzie Dern and Tammi Musumeci all made the semis

Over60KG: Gabi Garcia submitted her opponent to reach the semis where she will face Jessica Oliveira. On the otehr side Ana Laura Cordeiro and amanda Santana completed the semis

Star Superfight saw a 20 minute stand up battle between Liborio and Sperry. After the second overtime the judges gave the nod to Liborio breaking Sperry's string of victories in ADCC Star superfights

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