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Final Day of ADCC 2013 Results

Absolute Division:coming up.

Lister wins his first match by toe-hold

Buchecha wins by points

Keenan Cornelius wins by heel hook

Joao Gabriel beats David Avelan by points

Cyborg advances

Oscar Piechota beats Vinny Magalhaes 3×0

Jared Dropp beats Leo Nogueira

Lister beats Joao Gabriel by toe hold and is in the semis

Buchecha wins by points and is in the semis

Keenan Cornelius wins over Pechota 3 x0 and is in hte semis

Cyborg wins by points 11 x 0 and is in the semis


Buchecha v Lister: Buchecha by points 5×0

Cyborg v Cornelius: Cyborg by points 6×0

Third Place: Keenan Cornelius beats Dean Lister 3 x 0


Buchecha v Cyborg: Cyborg wins 10 x 0 and is the new Absolute champion. He will face Andre Galvao in 2015 Superfight

Master Superfight

Mario Sperry v Fabio Gurgel: Sperry wins by Judges Dec 2 OT



Rafael Mendes v Joao Miyao: Rafa by points 2-0

Rubens Cobrinha v Justin Rader: Cobrinha by points 2×0

Third place Justin Rader over Joao Miyao by pts -2

Finals Rafa v Cobrinha for the third straight ADCC: In typical fashion after 2 OT's goes to Judges Decision- Cobrinha gets the decision and realizes his dream of an ADCC title


Kron Gracie v JT Torres: Kron by arm-lock

Leo Vieira v Octavio de Souza: Octavio by pts 3×0

Finals Souza v Gracie: After 15 minutes standing Octavio goes for a double leg and Kron taps Octavio via Guillotine


Pablo Popovich v Rafael Lovato Jr: Lovato by minus point

Keenan Cornelius v Romulo Barral: Barral by minus

Third Keenan Cornelius

Final: Lovato v Barral: Barral by points 3×0


Dean Lister v Cristiano Lazzarini: Lister by Heel hook

Joao Assis v Leonardo Nogueira: Assis by heel hook

Third place Leo Nogueira over Lazarini by Judges Dec  2OT

Finals Lister v Assis: Assis by points 5 x -1


Jared Dropp v Joao Gabriel Oliveira: Joao Gabriel by points

Marcus Buchecha v Roberto Cyborg: Marcus Buchecha by points

3rd place Cyborg over Dropp 3×0

Finals Buchecha v Gabriel: Buchecha by heel hook



Michele Nicolini v Seiko Yamamoto: Nicolini

Luana Alzuguir v Ana Tavares: Alzuguir

Finals Alzuguir v Nicolini: Nicolini by Heel hook


Gabi Garcia v Tammy Griego: Gabi Garcia

Maria Malyjasiak v Fernanda Mazelli: Malyjasiak by heel hook

Third place Tammy Griego over Mazelli by Judges Dec 2 after OTs

Finals Gabi v Maria- Gabi Garcia by choke



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