12° ADCC ITALY International Open 2015 – Results

International Open Competition

08th November 2015
Palazzetto dello Sport – Viale Europa, 7
Bussero (Milan) – Italy

A huge success for the 12th edition of the ADCC Italy International Open, a Submission Fighting competition with fighters coming from Italy, France, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, South Africa, India, Brazil, Congo, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Morocco, Switzerland, Macedonia, Egypt.
A great show with exciting fights on the mats: very high level in beginners classes, outstanding fights in the champions classes with some great high level ‘leglocks wars’ performed by Nicola Stefenelli, Selvin Ramcilovic, Michael Moffa, Sergio Toffetti and Peter Angerer.
“I am very happy of the growth of this event – says Filippo Leone, the ADCC Italy President – and this is the proof of the great success of ADCC circuit in Italy, and the result of the hard work we started in 2006. All the ADCC events we organize across the nation help the italian fighters to improve their knowledge of the rules and their technical level. Today we have some very good grapplers in Italy that I am sure will reach good results, and maybe get the chance to fight in the most important grappling event in the world, the ADCC World Championship!”


Juniors Male:

– 60 kg
1. Lorenzo Bianchi      (Ares Team Lodi – ITA)
2. Davide Capodicasa (Fight Energy Palermo – ITA)
3. – – –

+ 60 kg
1. Hamza Ferjani         (Machida Tunisia MMA – TUN)
2. Thomas Liethoudt   (Yoshitaka Nice – FRA)
3. Thomas Lanteri       (Yoshitaka Nice – FRA)

Beginners Women:

– 60 Kg
1. Meriam Abidi          (Machida Tunisia MMA – TUN)
2. Barbara Colombo    (Real Combat – ITA)
3. – – –

Beginners Male :

– 65 kg
1. Giacomo Antonietti            (FN Gameness – ITA)
2. Enrico Di Gangi      (Fight Energy Palermo – ITA)
3. Mattia Scotti                       (Anaconda Team – ITA)

– 70 kg
1. Donato Menegot     (Kratos Team – ITA)
2. Emanuele Zaccaria  (Hammer Team – ITA)
3. Eugenio Brumat      (Yoseikan Milano – ITA)

– 76 kg
1. Lorenzo Sanvito      (Hammer Team – ITA)
2. Luca Cadei              (Free Combat Academy – ITA)
3. Bartek Markovski   (SMC Vilnius Lithuania – LIT)

– 83 kg
1. Roberto Procopio    (Lottatori Milano Pammachia – ITA)
2. Fabio De Santis       (Lottatori Milano Pammachia – ITA)
3. Matteo Agostini      (Kratos Team – ITA)

+ 91 kg
1. Antonio Gerace       (KBT Vigevano – ITA)
2. Marco Codarin        (Anaconda Team – ITA)
3. Alfio Maugeri                     (Grizzly Team – ITA)

Champions Male :

– 77 kg
1. Marco Anastasia     (Fight 4 Fun – ITA)
2. Selvin Ramcimovic (German Top Team – GER)
3. –

– 88 kg
1. Nicola Stefenelli     (Kratos Team – ITA)
2. Michael Moffa        (Ronin MMA Lucca – ITA)
3. Sergio Toffetti        (asd Hydra – ITA)

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Organized by: ADCC ITALY
Filippo Leone             +39 340 2180966
Website:                     www.adccitaly.com
E-mail:                                    info@accitaly.com
Facebook page:         ADCC Italy Submission Fighting