Xiaomi ROAD FC 043: former Lightweight Champion Nam Yui-Chul returns against Jung Doo-Jae


ber 20, 2017 – ROAD Fighting Championship announces a lightweight match between former Champion Nam Yui-Chul and Jung Doo-Jae in Seoul, Korea on November 28, 2017 in the Jangchung Arena.

Nam Yui-Chul vs Jung Doo-Jae

Nam Yui-Chul (18-8-1, Sanae Nam MMA) returns to the cage following his loss in the opening round of the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament. In his phenomenal career start, Nam won the Spirit MC 70kg title in 2006, and later contended for the Legend FC belt. In the ROAD FC Lightweight tournament of 2013, he tore through the field and became the Champion, defending his belt once successfully. Nam then signed to the UFC where he won Fight of the Night Honors versus Tokudome Kazuki. Following a 3-fight tour in the UFC and recovery from injury, he returned to ROAD FC and participated in the $1 Million Tournament with back-to-back knockout losses to dark horse Tom Santos.

Jung Doo-Jae (33-18-1, Ronin Crew) is one of the most experienced Korean fighters with a strong base in boxing. He is a consummate veteran from the first days of Korean MMA having competed since 2004 in NeoFight, MARS, Spirit MC, then in Japan’s Gladiator and Deep. Finally Jung came back home to Korea and ROAD FC in 2014. Jung has never backed down from a fight offer, and when he enters the cage, the only way he goes is straight forward.

In over 20 years of MMA between them, it’s surprising that these two lightweights have never met. Once Nam Yui-Chul and Jung Doo-Jae are finally in the cage together, don’t blink!

Xiaomi ROAD FC 043

In the main event, Choi Young versus Kim Hoon for the ROAD FC Interim Middleweight Championship is the culmination of Korean MMA pride from the very beginning to the current pinnacle of popularity and skill. This match is guaranteed to deliver thrills from both fighters – 12 years after they both first stepped foot in an MMA ring!

Also, former ROAD FC Bantamweight Champion Lee Kil-Woo returns after hiatus from the cage to face The Outsider Champion Asakura Mikuru at featherweight. Plus, Kim Seung-Yeon and Alexander Merezhko are set for another $1 Million Tournament reserve match.

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 042
Chungju World Martial Arts Festival
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Chungju World Martial Arts Stadium, Chungju, South Korea

Openweight Match
Aorigele vs Masuda Yusuke

Middleweight Match
Minowa Man vs Yoon Dong-Sik

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 043
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Jangchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea

Interim Middleweight Championship
Choi Young vs Kim Hoon

Featherweight Match
Lee Kil-Woo vs Asakura Mikuru

Lightweight Match
Nam Yui-Chul vs Jung Doo-Jae

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match
Kim Seung-Yeon vs Alexander Merezhko

Featherweight Match
Kim Se-Young vs Lee Jeong-Yeong

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 044
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals:

Mansour Barnaoui (Tunisa/France) vs Nandin-Erdene (Mongolia)
Ronys Torres (Brazil) vs Tom Santos (Brazil)
Baoyincang (China) vs Shimoishi Kota (Japan)
Shamil Zavurov (Russia) vs Khuukhenkhuu Amartuvshin (Mongolia)