XFCi 4 Controversy: Integrity & Honor Prevail


Sao Paulo Brazil (May 2, 2014) – The XFCi 4 Main Event results have been the subject of many media reports and have generated a massive response from MMA fans worldwide. The bout shown live on REDE TV! in Sao Paulo, Brasil, featured Waylon Lowe 14-5 (USA) vs Marcos dos Santos 21-11 (Brazil) and was initially declared a split decision win for dos Santos. However, circumstances evolving around the scoring and judging of the bout instigated an immediate and thorough investigation. The results of the investigation lead to a suspension and dismissal of a judge in the bout and the fight was ruled a NO CONTEST.

XFC International President, Myron D Molotky, issued the following statement:
“The opinions have been very strong and passionate about the initial decision after the bout. I am very proud that the comments are not nationalistic…the opinions are coming from knowledgeable MMA fans and journalists, primarily Brazilians.
XFC International and REDE TV! embrace a position of Integrity and Honor. We are pleased that the executives and legal team with the federation, CBMMA, have taken the same stance. CBMMA has completed an investigation into the judging and scoring of this bout, and rightfully have officially declared the bout a NO CONTEST. We appreciate that the federation has served the MMA fans and fighters with a thorough and timely response.
XFC is appreciative and deeply respectful to both fighters, Waylon Lowe and Marcos dos Santos, for their efforts in the fight. Most importantly, their efforts towards social responsibility throughout the week have had a strong impact in the community.”
Myron D Molotky

The XFCi 5 Finals will take place live from Sao Paulo Brazil, on June 7, 2014 at 00:30am Brasilia time/ 11:30pm Eastern Standard time on REDE TV.