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Cormier and Florian Break Down UFC 167Fights, Plus Dana White Interview

– The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 167 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1 for UFC 167: ST-PIERRE VS. HENDRICKS. The show washosted by Jon Anik, with UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.
UFC 167 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Daniel Cormier on how close the fight was between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks: “To have a championship fight come down to one round, it shows you how close these two are.”
UFC 167 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 1Analyst Kenny Florian on why you can’t judge a fight by the way a fighter looks after a fight: “There’s nothing in the unified rules, when you judge a fight, that talks about damage.”
Cormier on Georges St-Pierre retiring: “We need Georges St-Pierre. We need these guys who are great. There is something in the air when these guys fight.”
Hendricks on if he thinks he won the fight: “I did beat Georges St-Pierre. I did deserve that belt. I won that belt. But two people didn’t see it that way and guess what, I’m going to go back home. I swear to god, I’m going to get stronger, better and faster and that just won’t happen again. I knew I had to beat him, and I did. He’s all banged up. There’s nothing I could have done better.”
Hendricks on if he thinks GSP retiring after the fight is unfair: “I don’t care. I want that belt. That’s my belt. He knows it. I’d retire too. I wouldn’t want to give it away.”
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UFC 167 Recap: Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan recap UFC 167's main event bout between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks.
UFC President Dana White on if he thought Johny Hendricks won the fight: “Johny Hendricks won. I only gave Georges St-Pierre the third round. Nevada is a very scary place. This is the worse commission on the planet. I’m afraid to bring fights to Las Vegas. This is the thing that makes people not like fights. I’m still so blown away by it. Georges knew he lost. His corner knew he lost. Hendricks knew he won. These people are despicably horrible. This city is scary.”
White on if it’s the scoring system that’s the problem: “No. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has a lot of work to do before they destroy this sport. If you look at a promoter like me, GSP is the biggest money making guy on the planet, but I want to guy who won the fight to win the fight. It’s about what’s fair.”
White on St-Pierre retiring: “GSP will not retire after that fight. He owes it to the fans, he owes it to this company and he owes it Johny Hendricks to do that fight again.”
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Rashad Evans on how he finished Sonnen: “Once I got him down I wanted to make sure there was no way he was going to escape this and that’s where I wanted to take his heart.”
Evans on who he wants to fight next: “I want Alexander Gustafsson, even Glover Teixeira. I’d love to fight some of the best guys in the division.”
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Evans talks win over Sonnen:
Sonnen on fighting Evans: “He hurt me so much when he hit me. I had one predominant problem tonight, and I fought a fighter who was better than me tonight.”
Sonnen on which weight class he’ll fight at next: “I’ve always struggled at this weight. I’m going to have to go back to 185. That’s where I can do my best work.” 
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Robbie Lawler on wanting to fight for the title against Hendricks after defeating Rory MacDonald: “Want to fight for the title. Yeah, Johny won the fight, I won the fight. Let’s do it for the interim title. Let’s do this, plain and simple.”
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