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Cruz and Sonnen Break Down UFC 165Fights, Plus Dana White Interview

– The following quotes are from tonight’s UFC 165 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2 for UFC 165: JONES VS. GUSTAFSSON. The show washosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and light heavyweight Chael Sonnen offering analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.
UFC 165 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2Analyst Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones’ victory over Alexander Gustafsson: “This was the greatest fight in the light heavyweight division ever. The story of this fight was the head kicks and the elbows of Jon Jones. But he was challenged. Jon went for 10 takedown attempts, but he only got one. You need fights like this for your legacy. You find out, does he have the guts? Jon came back after losing the first round and proved he was the best.”
UFC 165 POSTFIGHT SHOW ON FOX SPORTS 2Analyst Dominick Cruz on how Jones made adjustments to beat Gustafsson: “Jon Jones made the adjustments throughout the fight and was able to get the W. He came out and fought like he was down and just kept going. Jones wasn’t getting the low kicks, so he started going high and kept Alexander from circling and he started to keep him in a box where he could control him. Alex had some great footwork and stopped the wrestling of Jones. He got out of the clinch as quickly as he could. He kept the distance and kept it a striking fight. Both these guys showed a lot of heart. I think they should fight again.”
Alexander Gustafsson on if he thought he did enough to win the fight: “It’s hard to say. I don’t know. I learned a lot from this fight. He’s the champ. To take the belt from the champ you have to finish him. The biggest lesson is I have to push the pace harder. I just did what I thought I could do and it wasn’t enough. I will come back stronger and better. I’m disappointed, but I’m very proud of what I did and my team.”
Gustafsson on if he wants a rematch: “Absolutely. I want a rematch right away. But it’s up to the UFC. It’s an honor to fight Jon.”
UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson (HIGHLIGHTS)
UFC President Dana White on the title fight: “It was awesome. Not only did I not expect this fight to go five rounds, I didn’t think Alex would stop Jones from taking him down. In fact it was the opposite. Gustafsson actually took him down.”
White on if Jones will get more respect with this performance: “Yes. He’s got an incredible chin and he has unorthodox striking. I know Gustafsson’s hurting right now, but his stock is way up right now too.”
White on how injured Jones was during the fight: “Jones had a huge cut on his face. The doctors were going to stop the fight before the fifth round, but Jon and McCarty both begged them to not stop the fight.”
White on if there will be a rematch between Jones and Gustafsson: “I think they could fight again. I think Glover would get another fight. I told Alex after the fight that he lost nothing in his fight.”
White on when he expects Dominick Cruz to fight Renan Barao: “If Dominick isn’t ready by the first part of the year, then we’ll have to do something about it.”
Cruz on Renan Barao’s victory over Eddie Wineland: “It’s a nice way that Renan sets things up. In the second round he lands a beautiful spinning back kick and gets the knockout. The reason he’s able to land the kick is he got Wineland to stand still on his feints and he timed the spin perfectly. Barao was reading him in the first round. He was catching Wineland by reading his timing and speed, then he got the distance, the timing and delivered the spinning kick. The most impressive thing about Barao is he mixes things up. He throws the right hand and hook to see how you react. If you react to that, then he throws the spinning back kick.”
Barao on if he needed to do something spectacular in the fight to send a message to the division: “I didn’t plan anything spectacular. I trained very hard. I knew it would come. I didn’t know it was going to be a stand-up game. Luckily it was a beautiful strike.”
Barao to Dominick Cruz: “I’m hoping he recovers as fast as possible so we can put on a great show for the public.”
Cruz on fighting Barao: “I want to fight the best guy when I come back. I think I can challenge him and I know I can beat him. I can really trick him out. I want to prove to the world why I have the title. I look at it as a chess match. He mixes it up better than anyone in the division. I’m ready for that and I cannot wait.”
UFC 165: Barao vs. Wineland (HIGHLIGHTS)
Sonnen on Brendan Schaub’s victory over Matt Mitrione: “They were going back and forth at the beginning, but when Brendan Schaub starts to throw a nine-punch combo, and Matt had to cover up and Schaub takes it to him and that lets Schaub take him down to the mat and never gives up. That was a D’Arce choke. He’s been working on his Jiu-jitsu lately and this showed.”
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