Titan FC two-division champion Jose Torres talks injuries, return in September

Jose Torres with belts

When Jose Torres defended the Titan FC flyweight title against UFC vet Pedro Nobre he was told the UFC wanted to see him overcome adversity before signing him.  They got more than they bargained for.

Torres stepped up to bantamweight for his next fight where he defeated defending champion and Bellator vet Farkhad Sharipov in May at Titan FC 44.  During the first round Torres broke his hand and tore the MCL in his right knee but kept moving forward for the next four rounds.  According to Torres, “When I broke my hand I heard it click and I wondered ‘did I break it?’.  I punched with it and knew yes it was broken.  When I got dropped my knee buckled but didn’t know that until the second round started when I realized my right knee was stiff.  After I got punched in the face so many times I didn’t remember the knee anymore.  Throughout the fight I was thinking keep going as much as I possibly could.  It definitely sucked but it is one of those things to get injured in a fight and keep on going and win is better than to get injured and keep on going and lose.  It is not the biggest thing in the world.  If I was going to be injured I at least wanted the “w”.

Torres also took a cut to the head but kept pressing forward.  “believe the head cut happened in the fourth round, the one above my eye happened actually with ten seconds left. I don’t have “backwards” in my fight vocabulary.  Always forward, forward, forward.

Despite those injuries Torres won a unanimous decision, the first five-rounder of his career.  “I wasn’t tired which I’m happy about.  If I go to the UFC and fight for instance Might Mouse or one of the top 10 guys and fight for five rounds I want to be able to say that I’ve done it before and I can do it again.  This is a whole new experience for me so I’m very happy I was able to go five rounds.”

Arguably Torres’ record is a double-edged sword.  Torres is undefeated but at “only” 5-0 as a pro the feedback from the UFC is he needs more experience while most flyweights outside the UFC look at Torres as too great a risk.  Torres explains the fight at bantamweight, “they said they wanted me to come back from adversity so I bumped up a weight class and fought a great champion in Sharipov, the guy who has the most experience out of anyone in Titan FC.  I said to the UFC if this is not the adversity you wanted I don’t know what else I have to do.  I did pretty much what Conor McGregor did nearly three times as fast.  He won both his belts at CWFC at fourteen fights, I won mine at 5.  Nobody has been able to do that as fast as I have been able to do it.  I’m really happy and I’m hoping it is something the UFC wanted, hopefully soon enough the UFC will get me in.”  Torres further explains, “Flyweight is my division, I do better in that division.  Because of my youth I can make the weight very easily right now but soon enough I want to move up to 135.  If the UFC does not call me up my next fight will be defending the 125 belt.  That is appropriate.  Then I’ll just keep going back and forth between the weight classes defending the belts until the UFC decides to call me up.”

Jose Torres

“If I fight anyone else right now it’s a lose/lose” continues Torres.  “I might be getting another number to become 6-0 or 7-0 but I could lose to a nobody, might lose my UFC chance because of it.  If I lose to someone like Sharipov then I lose to someone with a huge experience edge so on paper it looks great.  Those fights are win/win.  Now I’m just taking fights to make the UFC happy.  I’m really hoping the UFC calls me up so I can fight a contender and put on a show for the fans, until then I have to fight lower-level guys.  I’m not trying to just get another number.”

The injuries however took their toll.  “I have three stitches in my head, twelve stitches right above my eye, a broken second metacarpal in my right hand, torn MCL, and escaped that first-round guillotine.  If the UFC doesn’t call me I’m hoping to be fully recovered by September.  I’d like to defend my flyweight belt in September and if the UFC doesn’t call me after that then I’ll bump back up to face whatever contender is ready at the bantamweight championship and keep going back and forth until the UFC calls me up.”

For now fans will have to wait to see how Torres tops this performance.