Superior Challenge 12 on May 16 at Baltiska Hallen in Malmö,Sweden

From Superior Challenge:

Superior Challenge’s Danish champion is challenged by Swedish talent and the organization hosts its first female title bout

Superior Challenge’s light heavyweight champion Joachim Christensen makes his first title defence against Max Nunes, and Lina Akhtar Länsberg vs Alexandra Buch is the promotion’s first female title bout, at Superior Challenge 12 on May 16.

The Dane Joachim Christensen became Superior Challenge's light-heavyweight champion after he defeated Matti Mäkelä, in 2014 via unanimous decision. This will be his first title defense and the challenger is no less than Max Nunes. The Swede’s ambition is to become Superior Challenge's light heavyweight champion and the middleweight champion.

Lina Akhtar Länsberg, wife of Martin Akhtar who is also booked at the Superior Challenge 12, switched to MMA after a long successful Muay Thai career. Her opponent, the German Alexandra Buch has also a background in Muay Thai.

Babak Ashti, Founder Superior Group International:
– Joachim Christensen is a dedicated athlete and a positive representative of the sport Superior Challenge.  He is also a good role model for youths. Therefore, I’m very proud to have him as our title holder since he is a true champion. He mastered the sport's various disciplines prefectly and he grinds down his opponents piece by piece. The young challenger has long been spoken of as Sweden's future hope, and according to me, this title chance is the largest challenge in his career. Max steps up a weight class for this opportunity and according to his English manager, he wants to become the first fighter at Superior Challenge holding two belts in two different weight classes.

– There is something special and very cool about the fighting couple Lina and Martin Akhtar, and it’s fantastic to have them both booked at our upcoming event. I think that the Bantamweight title bout between Lina Akhtar Länsberg and Alexandra Buch is Superior Challenge’s greatest female bout of all time.

– The Malmo audience will experience Europe's greatest female MMA bout, and a Light heavyweight title bout of top international level. These bouts are only two of a stacked fight card at Superior Challenge 12 on May 16 at Baltiska Hallen in Malmö/Sweden.

Tickets were just released and the events ticket partner is Julius Ticket Service:

Superior Challenge is one of the world's largest MMA promotions, which produces high quality, and adrenalin-full sports entertainment for the MMA audience around the world. The organization has many years of experience in MMA and broad knowledge of the industry, and is internationally recognized as one of the world's premier MMA shows, and among five MMA promotions in the world with top 20 internationally ranked fighters competing at the events. The first event in 2008, broke the record attendance for all MMA events in Scandinavia and since then a total of eight events have been produced, and the record have been broken three times, and the last time was at Superior Challenge 8 on October 6th in a packed Malmö Arena in Sweden with over 7000 people in the audience. Each event is estimated to have a PR value equivalent to approximately 17 million SEK gross, in Sweden alone. The Live TV broadcast of the show also broke the all time viewer record for all Nordic martial arts TV programs with a minimum of 151 thousand viewers only in Sweden. In addition to nationwide TV broadcasts in Sweden, the shows are broadcasted in most parts of the world with approximately 100 million viewers. Superior Challenge is part of Superior Group International along with Superior Wear, Superior Gear, Superior Productions, and Superior Management. Thus, the organization is one of the world's biggest MMA groups, with operations starting in 2005. Since then the company has invested incredible resources in the Swedish MMA market, which has resulted in the current Swedish MMA market. The organization is also the largest Nordic exporter of MMA athletes, and consequently puts great importance on creating Swedish and European heroes and MMA athletes.

Some athletes who have competed at the events: Alexander Gustafsson, Simon ”Toyboy” Sköld, Reza ”Mad Dog” Madadi, Joachim ”Hellboy” Hansen, Thales Leites, Jeremy Horn, Marcus Davis, Rich Clementi, Junie Browning, Andreas Ståhl, Daniel Acacio, Tor Troéng, Papy Abedi, Ilir Latifi, Hamid ”Akira” Corassani, Magnus ”Jycken” Cedenblad, Nicklas Bäckström, Sami Aziz, David Bielkheden, Carlo Prater, James McSweeney, Danny Mitchell, Jens ”Little Evil” Pulver, Efrain Escudero, Diego Nunes etc.etc.

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