Studio Coast is the New Home of PANCRASE from 2018

Studio Coast is going to be Pancrase’s new home venue from 2018

Since Differ Ariake is closing at the end of 2017, Pancrase made the year deal with this very popular live house located in Shin Kiba, Tokyo. Pancrase is going to be the very fist MMA promotion that is going to promote show at this venue.

The venue is little less than twice the size of Differ Ariake.

Studio Coast opened back in December 2002. Since then they have hosted many concerts, corporate events, PV shoots, and became one of Japan’s most known live houses.

Pancrase already confirmed ten shows at Studio Coast in 2018.

Besides the fights, Pancrase is going to setting up various booths on Pancrase and its sponsors, and also the fans can enjoy cafe by the swimming pool as well.

According to Pancrase head Masakazu Sakai, “Pancrase event is going to be like Pancrase festival so the fans can enjoy fights and also enjoy other elements of our organization. We are thinking about providing special menus like Pancrase curry at Pancrase booth as well.”.


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Pancrase (