Strikezone’s 14th Muay Thai fight night

From Strikezone:


Pennsauken, NJ (June 25, 2015) – With a stacked card in place that includes a full rules Muay Thai championship between two Philly warriors, Strikers’ Cup 14 is ready to go.  The Muay Thai event takes place this Saturday night, June 27, at 8PM at The Event Center, 144 Palmyra Blvd., Pennsauken, NJ.  The 11 intriguing contests will feature athletes from the tri-state’s top Muay Thai and MMA gyms and as far away as Massachusetts.

"One of the great things about being based in New Jersey is the proximity to so many of the country’s finest fight camps," says Derek Riddick, New Jersey fight promoter and owner of Strikezone Promotions.  Riddick adds, “We’ve got many fighters making their amateur debuts as well as seasoned fighters with lots of experience , and for them and their fans the excitement and anticipation rivals any world championship battle.  Plus, there’s really no “feeling out” round in the amateurs, so there's intensity right from the start of every fight.”

The night’s championship main event pits two veterans of the sport – Adam McCann (10-2-1) of 8 Limbs Academy and Neil Mustafa (11-2) of Rami Elite.  Both fighters have trained hard, and with an arsenal of kicks, fists, knees and elbows at their disposal, this will no doubt be a strategic and explosive battle from bell to finish.  Amateur fighters get in the ring for the love of the sport and to test and push themselves to be the best they can be. Says a fight-eager, yet relaxed McCann,  “I love fighting.  My coach never tells me who I’m getting in the ring with…”  This enthusiasm for the sport will make for an action-packed fight night.

For ticket information contact Derek Riddick of Strikezone at 856-439-9663.


  • – Main Event: The Ultimate Striker Full Rules Super Lightweight Championship: Adam McCann, 8 Limbs vs. Neil Mustafa, Rami Elite (140.0 lbs.)
  • – Eric Jung, The Institute vs. Ethan Geffen, Queens MMA (154.0 lbs.)
  • – Bobby Kaczak, Cool Hearts vs. Adam Karami, The Institute (147.0 lbs.)
  • – Jeff Cohen, Cool Hearts vs. Alex Ecklin, Team Coban (140 lbs.)
  • – Bill Muhr, Strikezone MMA vs. Andrew Jones, Five Points Academy (182.0 lbs.)
  • – Ian Allston, Semper Fi vs. Chris Santos, TSMMA (210.0 lbs.)
  • – Justin Esperon, Mercer Bucks Muay Thai vs. Taj Blair, Semper Fi, (170.0 lbs.)
  • – Tony Stevens, 8 Limbs vs. Smiley Pierre, Redline Fight Sports (147.0 lbs.)
  • – Bobby Malcolm, Daddis Fight Centers vs. Macho Soto, The Institute (161.0 lbs lbs.)
  • – Jeovanni Tovar, Redline Fight Sports vs. Celso Filho, Ironbound Fight Club (168.0 lbs)
  • – Ameen Smith, Semper Fi vs. Danny Ramirez, TSMMA (135.0 lbs.)