ROAD FC forms strategic partnership with Qihoo 360 for China and global expansion


14 August, 2015 – ROAD FC announces China internet giant Qihoo 360 is strategic partner for entry into China and further global expansion.

ROAD FC is proud to announce the a strategic partnership has been made with China's leading internet giant Qihoo 360 for global expansion.  The partnership with Qihoo 360 began at ROAD FC 024 in Japan, and the event marked a path towards a synergy of new technology and new projects in new markets.  With the full support of Qihoo 360 in this cross cultural alliance, following 22 August ROAD FC 025, ROAD FC will launch an event in China in December.

With exciting new delivery methods and the expansion of ROAD FC branded content, the strategic partnership between ROAD FC and Qihoo 360 marks a pivotal moment for the growth of MMA in Asia.

The following is translated from PR for China media:

China has slowly begun to understand and accept "professional wrestling", in particular in the past two years it has grown to be highly popular, and in the most difficult sport, mixed martial arts (MMA), the highest appreciation has flourished. Seeing a huge potential for mixed martial arts, China's internet giant Qihoo 360  and Asia's number one MMA league, Korea's ROAD FC, have reached a strategic cooperation in jointly exploring the global market, and 360 will fully support ROAD FC's push into China.

360 cameraQihoo 360 began as the title sponsor of ROAD FC 24 in Tokyo, Japan at the Ariake Coliseum (the 2020 Olympic Games tennis venue). In this event appeared "Korea Giant" Choi Hong-Man, former DEEP Japan Champion Riki Fukuda, and "Japan Fighting Princess" Satoko Shinashi among others.  Sports notables and celebrities turned out with a near-capacity audience of 10,000 enthusiastic spectators to make it a successful event between Japan's and Korea's top fighters.

Qihoo 360 sponsored ROAD FC in Tokyo in preparation for the first ROAD FC event in China in December. In the Tokyo event, Qihoo 360 and the organisers of ROAD FC cooperated and utilized 360 smart camera for the entire live broadcast. These smart camera on "360 Camera – LIVE Broadcast" enable a viewer to simply "open the phone and watch", eliminating traditional SEO keyword search, advertising time, buffering and other complex processes. Regardless of where a viewer is, they can simply use their phone and interact with people across the country to experience the game.

Next, Qihoo 360 will fully support the ROAD FC event to be launched in December in China.   China's huge market will undoubtedly become an important guarantee for the success of Qihoo 360 and ROAD FC.  At the same time, it will open a new window into China for professional fighters all over the world.  In the future, the ROAD FC brand's high quality events and activities will be core strategic resources.   The partnership will focus on these core resources, actively expand brand awareness, MMA events, a competitive reality show, IP licensing and other related businesses.  In these areas, Qihoo 360 will become an important strategic partner of ROAD FC.  Qihoo 360 will also be ROAD FC's new globalization strategy support force.

ROAD FC is the stage where legends shine, rookies thrill, and epic battles are waged that determine the future of MMA. From the pageantry of the grand entrance to the final crunch of the KO, ROAD FC showcases the very best of Mixed Martial Arts sports and entertainment. As we say in Korea, "Fighting!"

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