ROAD FC 043 and 044: date change, $1 Million Tournament quarterfinals, Lee Kil-Woo returns


ROAD Fighting Championship announces a renumbering for the next two events, with one date change.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 043 (formerly 044) will take place on October 28, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea at the Jangchung Arena. Added is a match between former ROAD FC Bantamweight Champion Lee Kil-Woo and Asakura Mikuru.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 044 (formerly 043), which was previously announced for October 21 in Shijiazuang, Hebei, China​, will now take place on November 11. The change of date is due to the preeminent upcoming 19th National Congress Council of the Communist Party of China which will be held for a week starting on October 18. At this event, the quarterfinals round of the historic $1 Million Lightweight Tournament will be held.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 043

As previously announced, this event will be headlined by the ROAD FC Interim Middleweight Championship between top contenders and Korean MMA originals Choi Young and Kim Hoon.

As the second bout announced for Xiaomi ROAD FC 043, former ROAD FC Bantamweight Champion Lee Kil-Woo returns after hiatus from the cage to face Asakura Mikuru at featherweight.

Lee Kil-Woo (4-6, Ssabi MMA) had a tough career start against veterans like Shintaro Ishiwatari and Makoto Kamaya. In 2013 he turned it around when he won the ROAD FC Bantamweight Tournament, defeating future ROAD FC Flyweight Champion Song Min-Jong to become the Champion of the division. Injury and surgery set him back a year and a half to finally make his first title defense. Lee Yun-Jun was rocketing in his career and knocked out Kil-Woo in the first round to become the new Bantamweight Champion.

After almost two and a half years away from the cage to focus on building his gym and students, Lee Kil-Woo has decided it’s finally time to make his comeback.

Asakura Mikuru (5-0, RINGS/Triforce Asakasa) returns to ROAD FC after defeating Muay Thai champion Oh Doo-Seok in March of this year. He racked up an impressive 7-1 amateur record in The Outsider, then made his pro debut and claimed both the Featherweight and Lightweight titles in the promotion. The karateka and his brother Kai are quickly becoming two of the hottest prospects from Japan.

Xiaomi ROAD FC 044

On November 11, ROAD FC returns to China under the auspices of the host city Shijiazhuang. At Xiaomi ROAD FC 044, the quarterfinals round of the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament will take place. Over 40 fighters participated in international trials around the world which was eventually whittled down to 16 for the opening round at ROAD FC 036. Stunning upsets and incredible knockouts were the theme of the night in the historical event.

The winners participated in a blind draw for their next opponents. The four quarterfinals matches are as follows: Mansour Barnaoui (Tunisa/France) vs Nandin-Erdene (Mongolia), Ronys Torres (Brazil) vs Tom Santos (Brazil); Baoyincang (China) vs Shimoishi Kota (Japan); and Shamil Zavurov (Russia) vs Khuukhenkhuu Amartuvshin (Mongolia).

Xiaomi ROAD FC 042

The next event will be Xiaomi ROAD FC 042, held on September 23 at the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival sponsored by UNESCO. In the main event, Aorigele versus Masuda Yusuke pits power versus experience, and when these giants clash, expect fireworks. A Pride-era throwback is set between two legends of the sports: Minowa Man vs Yoon Dong-Sik. For more information about the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival, please visit the Official Website (

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 042
Chungju World Martial Arts Festival
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Chungju World Martial Arts Stadium, Chungju, South Korea

Openweight Match
Aorigele vs Masuda Yusuke

Middleweight Match
Minowa Man vs Yoon Dong-Sik

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 043
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Jangchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea

Interim Middleweight Championship
Choi Young vs Kim Hoon

Featherweight Match
Lee Kil-Woo vs Asakura Mikuru

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 044
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Shijiazhuang, China

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals:
Mansour Barnaoui (Tunisa/France) vs Nandin-Erdene (Mongolia)
Ronys Torres (Brazil) vs Tom Santos (Brazil)
Baoyincang (China) vs Shimoishi Kota (Japan)
Shamil Zavurov (Russia) vs Khuukhenkhuu Amartuvshin (Mongolia)