RIZIN 2017 IN YOKOHAMA – 04/16/2017: Kawajiri Shared His Thoughts on Upcoming Fight and Personal Life

Tatsuya “The Crusher” Kawajiri

Last week, at the RIZIN press conference held in Tokyo, UFC / PRIDE veteran Tatsuya Kawajiri shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight and his fight career.

“The Crusher” is confirmed to fight on April 16th but the opponent is still undecided.

“The first fight in the year 2017. Its my last one year as 30’s, therefore, with RIZIN, I won’t be sidetracked, and will concentrate on fighting this year as well. I personally would like to fight ten more years but I also have to think about my condition too so I don’t know how long I can fight. Even if the next fight on April 16th became my last fight I don’t want to regret it so I am looking to show the best of myself.

“At this age, I have to be conscious about the end of my fight career, and in my case, I will probably be showing weaker Tatsuya Kawajiri, and I want to do that as well. As a fighter, I believe, that is my way of life.”

Kawajiri also talked about this family, “I know this is a personal matter but this year, my daughter will be entering the elementary school, and when I used to fight in Japan she was just a baby so probably won’t remember about me fighting. During the time when I was fighting in America, she has grown a lot and I want to leave the impression of a strong father in her memory. That’s why I definitely can’t lose so I will be prepared.”

He also touched on the opponent, “The potential opponent being mentioned at this point, is someone that can be very exciting for the fans and also, this is the kind of opponent I want to give everything I have, therefore, on April 16th, I want to show Tatsuya Kawajiri struggling but fighting in the ring.”

Sunday, April 16th, 2017
At Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa, Japan
Doors Open – 13:30
Fight Starts – 15:00

Confirmed Fighters:

Tatsuya Kawajiri (Japan / T-BLOOD)
RENA (Japan / Cesar Gym)

Kizaemon Saiga (Japan / Me, We)
Teshin Nasukawa (Japan / Team Tenshin)


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (www.boutreview.com)