Rin Nakai leaving MMA?

Rin Nakai (middle)

Looks like Rin Nakai is taking a leave of absence from MMA.

Ever since Nakai revealed arm injury through her blog on January 28th, she has been expressing many “concerns.” And finally, on February 10th, Nakai announced her decision to stop.

“Yesterday, although the weather was snowing and raining, I had an one-day outdoor job wearing only bear-top (only the chest part) and pants.”

Her blog entry began with how she spent the day attending the event wearing clothes that exposed shoulders and back in the cold weather.

“It was about 40 degrees and from later part of the afternoon I started to feel sick. When I got back, bad symptoms began and I developed high fever, therefore I received medication at the emergency room, got treated by the doctor.”

Then, without explaining any details, Nakai wrote, “Pancrase told me to relinquish my belt so I am planning to relinquish it.”

And at the end, Nakai wrote, “I am thinking about stop activity as ‘Rin Naki.'”


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (www.boutreview.com)