Rin Nakai admits mental issue asking to be released from Pancrase

Rin Nakai

Apparently Rin Nakai is not happy with the comments made by Masakazu Sakai. Pancrase owner released his comments yesterday via twitter.

Sakai basically promised to continue supporting Nakai.

However, Nakai was thinking totally different.

On Friday, Nakai revealed this on her blog.

UFC veteran wrote, “Just when I was writing an e-mail to Pancrase asking to not release such comments, Sakai-san’s comments were released, and it’s different from my real intention so I feel bothered about this.

“In regards to women’s bantamweight title, at first Pancrase just demanded me to relinquish the belt but after Kancho Usami negotiated with Pancrase, we got a firm promise on ‘establishing the flyweight division upon relinquishing the bantamweight belt.’ The flyweight division was established because of the negotiation effort by Kancho Usami. I can prove this from our e-mail communications.

“I was thinking about this from several years ago but, my heart has been aching because of the way Pancrase operates, and recently the situation got worse……

“I, Rin Nakai, would like to quit Pancrase, and for me, Rin Nakai, the contract with Pancrase is such a burden that I have been receiving treatments at the department of psychosomatic medicine because of it.

Therefore, Rin Nakai, is thinking about asking Pancrase to release myself from the exclusive contract.”

Needless to say, Nakai admitted that she is having a mental problem and just wants out.

She wants to leave Pancrase yet Nakai made sure that the whole world knows about how her master / husband Wild Usami’s effort is the reason why Pancrase established women’s flyweight division.

Obviously, Nakai wanted to make a point on how her husband had to negotiate and ensure her place in the flyweight division before relinquishing her bantamweight belt.

Yet Nakai wants to be released from Pancrase.

Very difficult to figure out what’s really going on in her head.

In fact, we don’t even know if she is the one actually writing the blog. It could be by her master / husband Usami.

The only thing we all know for sure is, Nakai wants out of Pancrase contract.


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (www.boutreview.com