PANCRASE sealed a title sponsorship deal with Skyticket

On Monday, Pancrase announced the title sponsorship deal with the skyticket for year 2018.

Ever since SEGA SAMMY left, it took Pancrase 11 years and two different owners to get the title sponsor.

Skyticket is an online travel agency that also has the English web site.
Shunichi Nakamura, the president of Adventure, Inc. that runs skyticket stated, “Recently we have been emphasizing a lot on developing our global market, and we strongly sympathize with Pancrase because their mission is to provide dream and sensation under the world-standard so we are honored to be able to sponsor Pancrase”.

Masakazu Sakai, the president of Pancrase said, “Last year we finally restore our profitability and this year we were able to bring in may fighters from outside Japan and established international fights. We did very well at the gate and also because of the official partners our revenue has increased tremendously. We will keep on moving towards globalization and hopefully can get a synergetic effect towards 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games”.


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Report by Shu Hirata