PANCRASE Head Sakai responds to Rin Nakai

Masakazu Sakai (left) and Rin Nakai (right)

On Wednesday, Pancrase head Masakazu Sakai reacted to Rin Nakai’s blog entry via Twitter.

Sakai first apologized about how Nakai got sick attending the event, “There were some lack of concerns in Pancrase’s part so I would like to apologize to Rin Nakai and her team, and also, to the event company.”

Sakai also touched on about asking Nakai to relinquish the belt, “Since Rin Nakai is moving down from bantamweight to flyweight, we are making the women’s champion at both flyweight and strawweight. Therefore, after an approval from Nakai, her bantamweight title has been relinquished and Nakai is now ranks number one in Pancrase women’s flyweight ranking.

“In regards to Rin Nakai’s current situation and her future, she is recovering from the injury. After taking a break she will re-start her training and I believe she can come back fighting for Pancrase. And at the right timing, we would like to give her a flyweight title match.”

Sakai basically publicly promised that Pancrase will wait for her till she is ready to come back.

But at the end, Sakai stated, “The next fight of the number one ranked women’s strawweight SYURI is going to be against UFC veteran. This may become a title fight so please look forward to this.”

Obviously, for now, Sakai is only thinking about promoting SYURI.


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (