PANCRASE Changed Weigh-In Rules

Daniel Lima De Carvalho (behind) couldn’t make it to the scale without a help of his corner men.

On Tuesday of last week, Pancrase announced the changes in their weigh-in rules.

From Pancrase 291, which took place few hours ago, anyone that was over the contract weight by more than two (2) pounds will not be allowed to fight. And, the fighter that couldn’t make the weight must pay the penalty specified on the contract.

Even with less than two pounds over the contract weight, the opponent must agree to proceed with the fight.

And if the fight takes place under this circumstances then the fight will be treated as a regular catchweight fight. This means, that strange Japanese rules, where if you don’t make the weight then you won’t get a win even if you win the fight, is not going to take place any more.

The incident took place at the weigh-ins of Pancrase 290 triggered this rules change.

At this weigh-ins, a Brazilian fighter named Daniel “Pac-Man” Lima De Carvalho couldn’t step onto the scale without the assistance from his corner men. He almost fainted on the scale as well and didn’t even make the weight yet he was still allowed to fight on the next day.

This was hugely criticized by MMA media in US.

Pancrase president Masakazu Sakai flew to Vegas the week after this event, met with staff from both UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission and made a decision to make these changes.

At the weigh-ins of Pancrase 291 took place on Saturday, no one missed the fight therefore no fight got cancelled.