PANCRASE 284 – 02/05/2017: How Good Is Syuri? – Full Results

SYURI (right)

After Syuri won her fourth pro MMA fight in the headliner of Pancrase 284, almost all Japanese MMA media wrote about how RIZIN head Nobuyuki Sakakibara publicly showed interested in her yet the former pro-wrestler / pro kick boxer turned MMA fighter said, “My dream is be in the UFC and become a champion there. I don’t want to lose sight on that.”

Because of the success of RENA, RIZIN is looking to put more women’s fights. For the Japanese MMA media it make sense to report about a possibility of Syuri fighting for RIZIN. And also, since she is 4-0, mentioning UFC make sense too but no one is writing about her opponents.

Her pro MMA debut was against Kanna Asakura who is actually an atomweight. Asakura was 3-0 at the time but she was also only 18 years old as well. And, this fight went to the distance.

Syuri’s second pro fight was against Nicollle Angelica Caliari from Brazil who was 1-0 at the time. This fight also went to judges’ score cards.

Her third opponent was Sharmar Devaiah, another atomweight from Philippines, who is still 0-2.

And, both Caliari and Devaiah haven’t fought since they lost to Syuri.

Sure, Minna Grusander is the 115 lbs strawweight champoin of the 2015 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA. A very good prospect. However, in terms of evaluating Syuri, she is 2-0 against rookie atomweights and 2-0 against rookie strawweights. Not really sure is she is UFC-ready.

If that is the case then maybe she should test her skills in the Invicta Fighting Championship.

For women’s MMA that should be the obvious next choice if you don’t get a call from UFC. Syuri probably could continue to fight in Japan too so signing with Invicta doesn’t necessary means good bye to the Pancrase fans.

Also. Syuri should start thinking about how you can’t get stronger if you continue to fight in a protected environment.

Sunday, February 5th, 2017
At Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan

Complete Results:

The Main Event – Women’s Strawweight Bout 5 min / 3R
SYURI (Japan / Voss Gym) vs Minna Grusander (Finland / Fin Fighter’s Gym)
Winner: 3R SYURI by Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Co-Main – Flyweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Masatatsu Ueda (Japan / Ogata Dojo) vs Shohei Masumizu (Japan / Masumizu-gumi)
Winner: 3R Shohei Masumizu by Decision (27-29, 27-30, 27-29)

8th Match – Bantamweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha (Brazil / TS GYM) vs Tadahiro Harada (Japan / Paraestra Kita Kyushu)
Winner: Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha by DQ (Harada missed the weight by 700 grams)

7th Match – Open-weight Bout 5 min / 3R
Hikaru Sato (Japan / Pancrase MISSION) vs Johnathan Ivey (USA / Team Ivey)
Winner: 1R Hikaru Sato by TKO (referee stoppage – right straight followed by g n p)

6th Match – Featherweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Yuki Nakahara (Japan / Mach Dojo) vs Akitoshi Tamura (Japan / Tsudanuma Dojo)
Winner: 3R 1’38” Yuki Nakahara by KO (right hook)

5th Match – Featherweight Bout 3 min / 3R
Juntaro Ushiku (Japan / Wajiutsu Keishukai TLIVE) vs Takumi Suzuki (Japan / Bull Terrier Bonsai)
Winner: 3R Juntaro Ushiku by Decision (28-29, 28-29, 28-29)

4th Match – Featherweight Bout 5 min / 3R
Suguru Nii (Japan /Mach Dojo) vs Kyle Aguon (USA / Spike 22)
Winner: 3R Kyle Aguon by Decision (25-30, 25-30, 26-29)

3rd Match – Bantamweiwght Bout 3 min / 3R
Takaya Takemoto (Japan / ALIVE) vs Yasuhiro Kawamura (Japan / Wajiutsu Keishukai AKZA)
Winner: 3R Yasuhiro Kawamura by Decision (28-29, 28-29, 28-29)

2nd Match – Lightweight Bout 3 min / 3R
So MAX (Japan / TEAM CLIMB) vs Atsushi Ueda (Japan / Ugo-kai)
Winner: 2R 0’19” So MAX by KO (right hook)

1st Match – Strawweight Bout 3 min / 3R
Ryo Hatta (Japan / Strapple Ohana) vs Hironobu Otsu (Japan / Wajiutsu Keishukai GODS)
Winner: 3R 0’53” Ryo Hatta by Submission (rear naked choke)


report by Shu Hirata
photo courtesy of Bout Review (