PANCRASE 270 – 10/04/2015: Let’s Gota defends title against Suzuki

Shingo Suzuki (left) KO'd the champion Let's Gota (right) just three months ago. Suzuki is looking to do the same against Suzuki, this time, in a title fightThis was inevitable.

For Let's Gota, the welterweight King of Pancrase, there was no other candidate besides Shingo Suzuki for his second title defense.

Because, these two already fought three months ago and Suzuki KO'd Gota with a right high kick to the head. The champ was unconscious for a while after the fight.

This was a non-title fight because Suzuki was supposed to face Martin Sano in Pancrase 266 but this fight got cancelled on the day before. (Sano was over the weight by 7.9 kg) Therefore, this was a fight added to the Pancrase 270 in last minutes just to keep Gota active.

After knocking out the champion, Suzuki said, "I beat the champion but I don't see the belt on my waist. What about re-match? Next time, as a title fight?"

Suzuki is a classic striker that likes to go toe-to-toe. He takes a lot of risk so he either gets KO'd or knocks out the opponent. Currently on a two-fight KO win streak so Gota have to be cautious of Suzuki's striking game and needs to execute his strategy.

Sunday, October 4th, 2015
At Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan
Doors Open – 13:30
Fight Starts – 14:00

Confirmed Cards (Subject to Change):

Welterweight King of Pancrase Title Bout 5 min / 5R
Let's Gota (Japan / MMA Dojo Cobra-kai) vs Shingo Suzuki (Japan / ALLIANCE)

Featherweight King of Pancrase Title Bout 5 min / 5R
Nam Phan (USA / Paraestra Hachiouji) vs Andy Main (USA / Pure MMA – Hybrid Fighter)

Ticket Prices:
VIP – 14,000 yen
SS – 11,000 yen
A – 8,000 yen
B – 6,500 yen

Report by Shu Hirata
Photo courtesy of Bout Review (