Eddie Goldman and Ron Scott Stevens on Joey Reynolds Show

No Holds Barred with Eddie.jpg

Eddie Goldman of No Holds Barred and Ron Scott Stevens,former chair of the New York State Athletic Commission and a playwright, were guestson the nationally-syndicated “Joey Reynolds Show” late Thursday night/earlyFriday morning, March 11/12.

We had another lively, informative, and fun discussion not only, of course,about boxing, but also numerous other topics, some related and others not. Joeytalked about the continuing woes facing society when there are so many peoplewith no jobs, Eddie explained why he is very positive about the growing sportof roller derby, and Ron outlined his history as a playwright and boxingofficial. We discussed the problems of steroids and illegal and dangerous drugsin all of sports, and how they harm the health of the athletes. We noted howthe Manny Pacquiao- Joshua Clottey fight this Saturday, March 13, at CowboysStadium in Texas, is taking place in a state with no mandatory drug testing,and how the refusal of Pacquiao to take state-of-the-art, Olympic-style bloodtesting for doping led to the cancellation of a proposed mega- fight with FloydMayweather Jr. Ron also revealed that he wants to bring boxing to the new Nets’arena in Brooklyn, where he lives, and Eddie confirmed that he is indeed notjust a sports journalist but a cultural critic.

You can listen to or download this at http://nhbnews.podOmatic.com/entry/2010-03-12T01_54_46-08_00.You can also download this at http://www.mediafire.com/?lznt5ziwnzl.

The “Joey Reynolds Show” is a national radio broadcast in New York onWOR 710 AM and on 100 other stations via the WOR Network. The show airs livebeginning at 1 AM ET and runs to 5 AM ET. The show will soon be moving totelevision, so stay tuned for more details.

For more information on show producer Myra Chanin, go to http://motherwonderful.com/.